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Incident 5654 Reports
AI-Generated Imagery and Multilingual Disinformation in Chinese Campaign Regarding Maui Wildfires


In a disinformation campaign concerning wildfires across Maui, Chinese operatives utilized AI-generated imagery to enhance the credibility of false narratives. These narratives claimed that the wildfires were the result of a secret "weather weapon" being tested by the United States. Researchers from Microsoft and other organizations identified these AI-generated images as a significant new tactic in influence operations.


Incident 5661 Report
Gannett Halts AI-Generated High School Sports Articles After Series of Errors and Public Backlash


Gannett, a newspaper chain, temporarily halted its AI experiment that used a tool called LedeAI to generate high school sports articles. The decision came after several articles produced by the AI showed glaring errors, repetitive language, and awkward phrasing, drawing criticism and mockery on social media.


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