President Joe Biden

Incidents Harmed By

Incident 4794 Reports
Instagram Video Featured Deepfake Audio of US President Making Transphobic Remarks


A deepfaked audio of US President Joe Biden making transphobic remarks played on top of a video showing him giving a speech was released on Instagram and circulated on social media.


Incident 6284 Reports
Fake Biden Voice in Robocall Misleads New Hampshire Democratic Voters


A robocall imitating President Joe Biden's voice urged New Hampshire Democrats not to vote in the primary, misleadingly stating that their votes were more crucial in the November election. This incident undermines the democratic process.


Incident 6213 Reports
Microsoft AI Is Alleged to Have Generated Violent Imagery of Minorities and Public Figures


Microsoft’s AI Image Creator, integrated with Bing and Windows Paint, produced disturbingly violent and graphic images featuring members of minority groups and public figures like Joe Biden and Pope Francis.


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