Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 3520 Reports
Employee Automatically Terminated by Computer Program


An employee was laid off, allegedly by an artificially intelligent personnel system, and blocked from access to the building and computer systems without their knowledge.


Incident 54317 Reports
Deepfake of Explosion Near US Military Administration Building Reportedly Causes Stock Dip


An apparent deepfake image posted by a false Bloomberg news account to Twitter depicted an explosion near the pentagon office complex near Washington DC.


Incident 48014 Reports
Non-Consensual Deepfake Porn Targeted Female Content Creators


Unauthorized, non-consensual deepfake pornography showing faces of high-profile female streamers and content creators was published on a subscription-based website, which gained notoriety after a male streamer was caught accessing the site.


Incident 4927 Reports
Canadian Parents Tricked out of Thousands Using Their Son's AI Voice


Two Canadian residents were scammed by an anonymous caller who used AI voice synthesis to replicate their son's voice asking them for legal fees, disguising as his lawyer.


Incidents Harmed By

Incident 4128 Reports
All Image Captions Produced are Violent


MIT Media Lab researchers create AI-powered "psychopath" named Norman by training a model on "dark corners" of Reddit.


Incident 5172 Reports
Man Arrested For Sock Theft by False Facial Match Despite Alibi


A man was arrested for theft of socks from a TJ Maxx store under the guise of an eyewitness ID case, after the local police asked the store's security guard to confirm the facial recognition match produced using surveillance footage, despite him having an alibi at the time of the theft.


Incident 851 Report
AI attempts to ease fear of robots, blurts out it can’t ‘avoid destroying humankind’


On September 8, 2020, the Guardian published an op-ed generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3 text generating AI that included threats to destroy humankind. This incident has been downgraded to an issue as it does not meet current ingestion criteria.


Incident 5181 Report
New York Detective Misused Woody Harrelson's Face to Perform Face Recognition Search


When the facial recognition search for a CVS theft suspect's face returned no useful matches due to the surveillance footage being obscured and highly pixelated, a New York City police detective continued the face search using Woody Harrelson's face allegedly due to his resemblance to the suspect's face, eventually leading to the arrest of an unknown victim.


Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 3129 Reports
Driverless Train in Delhi Crashes due to Braking Failure


A driverless metro train in Delhi, India crashed during a test run due to faulty brakes.


Incident 54422 Reports
Deepfakes and AI-generated disinformation in the 2023 presidential elections of Turkey


Allegations of deepfake technology and AI-generated disinformation have been swirling around the events of the 2023 presidential elections in Turkey.


Incident 43021 Reports
Lawyers Denied Entry to Performance Venue by Facial Recognition


Lawyers were barred from entry to Madison Square Garden after a facial recognition system matched them as employed by a law firm currently engaged in litigation with the venue.


Incident 6912 Reports
Worker killed by robot in welding accident at car parts factory in India


A factory robot at the SKH Metals Factory in Manesar, India pierced and killed 24-year-old worker Ramji Lal when Lal reached behind the machine to dislodge a piece of metal stuck in the machine.


Incidents involved as Deployer

Incident 4873 Reports
Deepfake Video Featured Fictitious News Anchors Discussing Venezuela's Economy


Video featuring fictitious news anchors was created using Synthesia to allegedly spread disinformation about Venezuela's economy on social media and Venezuelan state-run broadcast.


Incident 1201 Report
Philosophy AI Allegedly Used To Generate Mixture of Innocent and Harmful Reddit Posts


Philosopher AI, a GPT-3-powered controversial text generator, was allegedly used by an anonymous actor on AskReddit subreddit, whose posts featured a mixture of harmless stories, conspiracy theories, and sensitive topic discussions.


Incident 4881 Report
AI Generated Voices Used to Dox Voice Actors


Twitter users allegedly used ElevenLab's AI voice synthesis system to impersonate and dox voice actors.


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