Incident 592: Facial Recognition Misidentifies Pregnant Woman Leading to False Arrest in Detroit

Description: Porcha Woodruff was arrested and subsequently had charges dropped due to an unreliable facial recognition match. Despite being visibly pregnant, she was implicated in a robbery and carjacking based on an outdated photo used in a lineup.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by Detroit Police Department, which harmed Porcha Woodruff.

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Daniel Atherton
Detroit woman sues city after being falsely arrested while 8 months pregnant due to facial recognition technology · 2023

A Detroit woman is suing the city and a police detective after she was falsely arrested because of facial recognition technology while she was eight months pregnant, according to court documents.

Porcha Woodruff, 32, was getting her two chi…

‘Are you kidding, carjacking?’: The problem with facial recognition in policing · 2023

Porcha Woodruff was eight months pregnant when police in Detroit, Michigan came to arrest her on charges of carjacking and robbery. She was getting her two children ready for school when six police officers knocked on her door and presented…


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