Database Snapshots

Citing the Database as a Whole

We invite you to cite:

McGregor, S. (2021) Preventing Repeated Real World AI Failures by Cataloging Incidents: The AI Incident Database. In Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-21). Virtual Conference.

The pre-print is available on arXiv

Citing a Specific Incident

Every incident has its own suggested citation that credits both the submitter(s) of the incident and the editor(s) of the incident. The submitters are the people that submitted reports associated with the incident and their names are listed in the order in which their submissions were added to the AIID. Since reports can be added to an incident record through time, our suggested citation format includes the access date. You can find incident citations at

In many cases it is necessary to have an unchanging and shared version of the database This page lists weekly snapshots of the database in JSON, MongoDB, and CSV format taken through time by the GitHub backup workflow. We maintain these snapshots so you can create stable datasets for natural language processing research and academic analysis. Please contact us to let us know what you are using the database for so we can list your work in the incident database and ensure your use case is not dropped from support.