Incident List

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Incident 1

Google’s YouTube Kids App Presents Inappropriate Content

Incident 2

Warehouse robot ruptures can of bear spray and injures workers

Incident 3

Crashes with Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS)

Incident 4

Uber AV Killed Pedestrian in Arizona

Incident 5

Collection of Robotic Surgery Malfunctions

Incident 6


Incident 11

Northpointe Risk Models

Incident 15

Amazon Censors Gay Books

Incident 16

Images of Black People Labeled as Gorillas

Incident 17

Inappropriate Gmail Smart Reply Suggestions

Incident 19

Sexist and Racist Google Adsense Advertisements

Incident 20

A Collection of Tesla Autopilot-Involved Crashes

Incident 21

Tougher Turing Test Exposes Chatbots’ Stupidity (migrated to Issue)

Incident 22

Waze Navigates Motorists into Wildfires

Incident 23

Las Vegas Self-Driving Bus Involved in Accident

Incident 24

Robot kills worker at German Volkswagen plant

Incident 26

Hackers Break Apple Face ID

Incident 27

Nuclear False Alarm

Incident 28

2010 Market Flash Crash

Incident 30

Poor Performance of Tesla Factory Robots

Incident 31

Driverless Train in Delhi Crashes due to Braking Failure

Incident 32

Identical Twins Can Open Apple FaceID Protected Devices

Incident 34

Amazon Alexa Responding to Environmental Inputs

Incident 35

Employee Automatically Terminated by Computer Program

Incident 36

Picture of Woman on Side of Bus Shamed for Jaywalking

Incident 37

Female Applicants Down-Ranked by Amazon Recruiting Tool

Incident 39

Deepfake Obama Introduction of Deepfakes

Incident 40

COMPAS Algorithm Performs Poorly in Crime Recidivism Prediction

Incident 41

All Image Captions Produced are Violent

Incident 44

Machine Personal Assistants Failed to Maintain Social Norms

Incident 45

Defamation via AutoComplete

Incident 48

Passport checker Detects Asian man's Eyes as Closed

Incident 50

The DAO Hack

Incident 51

Security Robot Rolls Over Child in Mall

Incident 52

Tesla on AutoPilot Killed Driver in Crash in Florida while Watching Movie

Incident 53

Biased Google Image Results

Incident 54

Predictive Policing Biases of PredPol

Incident 55

Alexa Plays Pornography Instead of Kids Song

Incident 57

Australian Automated Debt Assessment System Issued False Notices to Thousands

Incident 60

FaceApp Racial Filters

Incident 61

Overfit Kaggle Models Discouraged Data Science Competitors

Incident 62

Bad AI-Written Christmas Carols

Incident 63

Google Photo Merge Decapitates Subject

Incident 65

Reinforcement Learning Reward Functions in Video Games

Incident 66

Chinese Chatbots Question Communist Party

Incident 67

Sleeping Driver on Tesla AutoPilot

Incident 68

Security Robot Drowns Itself in a Fountain

Incident 71

Google admits its self driving car got it wrong: Bus crash was caused by software

Incident 72

Facebook translates 'good morning' into 'attack them', leading to arrest

Incident 75

Google Instant's Allegedly 'Anti-Semitic' Results Lead To Lawsuit In France

Incident 76

Live facial recognition is tracking kids suspected of being criminals

Incident 78

Meet the Secret Algorithm That's Keeping Students Out of College

Incident 81

Researchers find evidence of racial, gender, and socioeconomic bias in chest X-ray classifiers

Incident 82

#LekkiMassacre: Why Facebook labelled content from October 20 incident ‘false’

Incident 83

Spam filters are efficient and uncontroversial. Until you look at them.

Incident 84

Tiny Changes Let False Claims About COVID-19, Voting Evade Facebook Fact Checks

Incident 85

AI attempts to ease fear of robots, blurts out it can’t ‘avoid destroying humankind’

Incident 87

UK passport photo checker shows bias against dark-skinned women

Incident 88

"Jewish Baby Strollers" Provided Anti-Semitic Google Images, Allegedly Resulting from Hate Speech Campaign

Incident 89

The Christchurch shooter and YouTube’s radicalization trap

Incident 96

Houston Schools Must Face Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit

Incident 97

Tesla Autopilot Mistakes Red Letters on Flag for Red Traffic Lights

Incident 98

N.Y.P.D. Robot Dog’s Run Is Cut Short After Fierce Backlash

Incident 99

Major Universities Are Using Race as a “High Impact Predictor” of Student Success

Incident 100

How French welfare services are creating ‘robo-debt’

Incident 104

California's Algorithm Considered ZIP Codes in Vaccine Distribution, Allegedly Excluding Low-Income Neighborhoods and Communities of Color

Incident 105

Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot Crashed into a Ford Explorer Pickup, Killing a Fifteen-Year-Old in California

Incident 106

Korean Chatbot Luda Made Offensive Remarks towards Minority Groups

Incident 107

Chinese Tech Firms Allegedly Developed Facial Recognition to Identify People by Race, Targeting Uyghur Muslims

Incident 109

PimEyes's Facial Recognition AI Allegedly Lacked Safeguards to Prevent Itself from Being Abused

Incident 110

Arkansas's Opaque Algorithm to Allocate Health Care Excessively Cut Down Hours for Beneficiaries

Incident 112

Police Departments Reported ShotSpotter as Unreliable and Wasteful

Incident 113

Facebook's AI Put "Primates" Label on Video Featuring Black Men

Incident 114

Amazon's Rekognition Falsely Matched Members of Congress to Mugshots

Incident 116

Amazon's AI Cameras Incorrectly Penalized Delivery Drivers for Mistakes They Did Not Make

Incident 120

Philosophy AI Allegedly Used To Generate Mixture of Innocent and Harmful Reddit Posts

Incident 122

Facebook’s "Tag Suggestions" Allegedly Stored Biometric Data without User Consent

Incident 127

Microsoft’s Algorithm Allegedly Selected Photo of the Wrong Mixed-Race Person Featured in a News Story

Incident 128

Tesla Sedan on Autopilot Reportedly Drove Over Dividing Curb in Washington, Resulting in Minor Vehicle Damage

Incident 129

Facebook's Automated Tools Failed to Adequately Remove Hate Speech, Violence, and Incitement

Incident 131

Proctoring Algorithm in Online California Bar Exam Flagged an Unusually High Number of Alleged Cheaters

Incident 132

TikTok’s Content Moderation Allegedly Failed to Adequately Take down Videos Promoting Eating Disorders

Incident 133

Online Trolls Allegedly Abused TikTok’s Automated Content Reporting System to Discriminate against Marginalized Creators

Incident 134

Robot in Chinese Shopping Mall Fell off the Escalator, Knocking down Passengers

Incident 136

Brand Safety Tech Firms Falsely Claimed Use of AI, Blocking Ads Using Simple Keyword Lists

Incident 137

Israeli Tax Authority Employed Opaque Algorithm to Impose Fines, Reportedly Refusing to Provide an Explanation for Amount Calculation to a Farmer

Incident 139

Amazon’s Search and Recommendation Algorithms Found by Auditors to Have Boosted Products That Contained Vaccine Misinformation

Incident 140

ProctorU’s Identity Verification and Exam Monitoring Systems Provided Allegedly Discriminatory Experiences for BIPOC Students

Incident 142

Facebook’s Advertisement Moderation System Routinely Misidentified Adaptive Fashion Products as Medical Equipment and Blocked Their Sellers

Incident 143

Facebook’s and Twitter's Automated Content Moderation Reportedly Failed to Effectively Enforce Violation Rules for Small Language Groups

Incident 147

Hong Kong Bank Manager Swindled by Fraudsters Using Deepfaked Voice of Company Director

Incident 148

Web Accessibility Vendors Allegedly Falsely Claimed to Provide Compliance Using AI

Incident 151

California Regulator Suspended's Driverless Testing Permit Following a Non-Fatal Collision

Incident 152

SoftBank's Humanoid Robot, Pepper, Reportedly Frequently Made Errors, Prompting Dismissal

Incident 154

Justice Department’s Recidivism Risk Algorithm PATTERN Allegedly Caused Persistent Disparities Along Racial Lines

Incident 155

Google Maps Allegedly Directed Sierra Nevada Travelers to Dangerous Roads amid Winter Storm

Incident 156

Amazon Reportedly Sold Products and Recommended Frequently Bought Together Items That Aid Suicide Attempts

Incident 157

Amazon's Monitoring System Allegedly Pushed Delivery Drivers to Prioritize Speed over Safety, Leading to Crash

Incident 158

Facial Recognition in Remote Learning Software Reportedly Failed to Recognize a Black Student’s Face

Incident 159

Tesla Autopilot’s Lane Recognition Allegedly Vulnerable to Adversarial Attacks

Incident 162

ETS Used Allegedly Flawed Voice Recognition Evidence to Accuse and Assess Scale of Cheating, Causing Thousands to be Deported from the UK

Incident 163

Facebook’s Hate Speech Detection Algorithms Allegedly Disproportionately Failed to Remove Racist Content towards Minority Groups

Incident 164

Facebook "News Feed" Allegedly Boosted Misinformation and Violating Content Following Use of MSI Metric

Incident 167

Researchers' Homosexual-Men Detection Model Denounced as a Threat to LGBTQ People’s Safety and Privacy

Incident 168

Collaborative Filtering Prone to Popularity Bias, Resulting in Overrepresentation of Popular Items in the Recommendation Outputs

Incident 170

Target Suggested Maternity-Related Advertisements to a Teenage Girl's Home, Allegedly Correctly Predicting Her Pregnancy via Algorithm

Incident 171

Traffic Camera Misread Text on Pedestrian's Shirt as License Plate, Causing UK Officials to Issue Fine to an Unrelated Person

Incident 172

NarxCare’s Risk Score Model Allegedly Lacked Validation and Trained on Data with High Risk of Bias

Incident 173

AI Tools Failed to Sufficiently Predict COVID Patients, Some Potentially Harmful

Incident 176

Starship’s Autonomous Food Delivery Robot Allegedly Stranded at Railroad Crossing in Oregon, Run over by Freight Train

Incident 180

Algorithm Used by the Malaysian Judiciary Reportedly Recommended Unusually High Sentencing to a Drug Possession Case

Incident 181

BMW Sedan Made a Prohibited Left Turn, Colliding with a Cruise Autonomous Vehicle

Incident 191

Korean Internet Portal Giant Naver Manipulated Shopping and Video Search Algorithms to Favor In-House Services

Incident 193

Excessive Automated Monitoring Alerts Ignored by Staff, Resulting in Private Data Theft of Seventy Million Target Customers

Incident 194

Australian Telco’s Incident Management Bot Excessively Sent Technicians in the Field by Mistake, Allegedly Costing Millions

Incident 195

Predictive Policing Program by Florida Sheriff’s Office Allegedly Violated Residents’ Rights and Targeted Children of Vulnerable Groups

Incident 199

Ever AI Reportedly Deceived Customers about FRT Use in App

Incident 200

Fraudsters Used AI to Mimic Voice of a UK-Based Firm's CEO's Boss

Incident 214

SN Technologies Reportedly Lied to a New York State School District about Its Facial and Weapon Detection Systems’ Performance

Incident 215

Facebook Content Moderators Demand Better Working Conditions Due to Allegedly Inadequate AI Content Moderation

Incident 219

Poachers Evaded AI Cameras and Killed Four Rhinos

Incident 222

Thoughts App Allegedly Created Toxic Tweets

Incident 223

Hive Box Facial-Recognition Locks Hacked by Fourth Graders Using Intended Recipient’s Facial Photo

Incident 224

WeChat Pay's Facial Recognition Security Evaded by Scammers Using Victims’ Social Media Content

Incident 225

IBM Watson for Oncology Criticized by Customers for Allegedly Unsafe and Inaccurate Cancer Treatment Recommendations

Incident 228

Apple Maps Allegedly Directed Ski Trip Couple Onto Unpaved Road in the Mountains

Incident 229

Content Using Bestiality Thumbnails Allegedly Evaded YouTube’s Thumbnail Monitoring System

Incident 230

Model 3 Tesla on Autopilot Crashed into a Truck in Florida, Killing Driver

Incident 233

Tumblr Automated Pornography-Detecting Algorithms Erroneously Flagged Inoffensive Images as Explicit

Incident 235

Chinese Insurer Ping An Employed Facial Recognition to Determine Customers’ Untrustworthiness, Which Critics Alleged to Likely Make Errors and Discriminate

Incident 236

AI-Generated Faces Used by Scammers to Pose as a Law Firm in Boston

Incident 238

Oregon’s Screening Tool for Child Abuse Cases Discontinued Following Concerns of Racial Bias

Incident 239

Algorithmic Teacher Evaluation Program Failed Student Outcome Goals and Allegedly Caused Harm Against Teachers

Incident 242

Manufacturing Robot Failure Caused Factory Worker's Death in India

Incident 243

Bots Allegedly Made up Roughly Half of Twitter Accounts in Discussions Surrounding COVID-19 Related Issues

Incident 244

Colorado Police’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Matched a Family’s Minivan’s Plate to That of a Stolen Vehicle Allegedly, Resulting in Detainment at Gunpoint

Incident 245

Unverified Misreading by Automated Plate Reader Led to Traffic Stop and Restraint of an Innocent Person at Gunpoint in California

Incident 248

Automated License Plate Camera Notified Police about a Previously Stolen Rental Car that was Returned, Causing an Innocent Person to be Detained at Gunpoint in California

Incident 249

Government Deployed Extreme Surveillance Technologies to Monitor and Target Muslim Minorities in Xinjiang

Incident 250

Dutch City Court Defended Home Value Generated by Black-Box Algorithm

Incident 252

Remotely Operated Taser-Armed Drones Proposed by Taser Manufacturer as Defense for School Shootings in the US

Incident 256

DUI Arrest Case Allegedly Based Only on ShotSpotter's Alert

Incident 259

YouTuber Built, Made Publicly Available, and Released Model Trained on Toxic 4chan Posts as Prank

Incident 260

US DHS’s Opaque Vetting Software Allegedly Relied on Poor-Quality Data and Discriminated against Immigrants

Incident 263

YouTube Recommendations Implicated in Political Radicalization of User

Incident 264

AI-Based Vehicle Speed Estimation App Denounced by UK Drivers as Surveillance Technology

Incident 265

Black Uber Eats Driver Allegedly Subjected to Excessive Photo Checks and Dismissed via FRT Results

Incident 267

Clearview AI Algorithm Built on Photos Scraped from Social Media Profiles without Consent

Incident 268

Permanent Removal of Social Media Content via Automated Tools Allegedly Prevented Investigative Efforts

Incident 270

Apple Tweaked App Store Ranking Algorithms, Allegedly Resulted in Demotion of Local Apps in China

Incident 273

FaceApp Predicted Different Genders for Similar User Photos with Slight Variations

Incident 274

Virginia Courts’ Algorithmic Recidivism Risk Assessment Failed to Lower Incarceration Rates

Incident 276

Local South Korean Government’s Use of CCTV Footage Analysis via Facial Recognition to Track COVID Cases Raised Concerns about Privacy, Retention, and Potential Misuse

Incident 277

Voices Created Using Publicly Available App Stolen and Resold as NFT without Attribution

Incident 280

Coffee Meets Bagel’s Algorithm Reported by Users Disproportionately Showing Them Matches of Their Own Ethnicities Despite Selecting “No Preference”

Incident 283

Facebook’s Automated Content Moderation Tool Flagged a Post Containing Parts of the Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech by Mistake

Incident 285

Google Lens’s Camera-Based Translation Feature Provided an Offensive Mistranslation of a Book Title in Korean

Incident 287

OpenAI’s GPT-3 Reported as Unviable in Medical Tasks by Healthcare Firm

Incident 289

Starship Delivery Robot Scuffed Bumper of a Resident’s Car in Texas, Allegedly Refusing to Release Footage of the Accident

Incident 298

Student-Developed Facial Recognition App Raised Ethical Concerns

Incident 299

Japanese Porn Depixelated by Man using Deepfake

Incident 300

TikTok's "For You" Algorithm Allegedly Abused by Online Personality to Promote Anti-Women Hate

Incident 301

Teenager at Broward College Allegedly Wrongfully Accused of Cheating via Remote Proctoring

Incident 302

Students Allegedly Wrongfully Accused of Cheating via Medical School's Internal Software

Incident 304

Tesla on FSD Reportedly Drove into the Wrong Lane in California

Incident 305

YouTube’s Recommendation Algorithm Allegedly Promoted Climate Misinformation Content

Incident 307

iPhone Face ID Failed to Recognize Users’ Morning Faces

Incident 313

BlenderBot 3 Cited Dutch Politician as a Terrorist

Incident 314

Stable Diffusion Abused by 4chan Users to Deepfake Celebrity Porn

Incident 315

Facial Recognition Service Abused to Target Russian Porn Actresses

Incident 316

Facebook Ad-Approval Algorithm Allegedly Missed Fraudulent Ads via Simple URL Checks

Incident 317

Bug in Facebook’s Anti-Spam Filter Allegedly Blocked Legitimate Posts about COVID-19

Incident 318

Facebook Recommended Military Gear Ads Despite Pause on Weapons Accessories Ads

Incident 321

Tesla Model X on Autopilot Crashed into California Highway Barrier, Killing Driver

Incident 325

Offensive Instagram User Content Displayed as Facebook Ad

Incident 327

Facebook’s On-This-Day Feature Mistakenly Showed Painful Memories to Users

Incident 329