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Scientists Built an AI to Give Ethical Advice, But It Turned Out Super Racist

Scientists Built an AI to Give Ethical Advice, But It Turned Out Super Racist

Oct 22, 2021

We’ve all been in situations where we had to make tough ethical decisions. Why not dodge that pesky responsibility by outsourcing the choice to a machine learning algorithm? That’s the idea behind As... (Read More)

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The AI Incident Database is the only collection of AI deployment harms or near harms across all disciplines, geographies, and use cases.

You are invited to submit reports to the database, whereupon accepted incidents will be indexed and made discoverable to people developing and deploying the next generation of AI technology to the world. Artificial intelligence will only be a benefit to people and society if we collectively record and learn from its failings. (Learn More)

About Partnership on AI

The Partnership on AI is the leading forum addressing the most important and difficult decisions on the future of AI. We are a non-profit that invites diverse voices into the process of technical governance, design, and deployment of AI technologies. Partners work together across industry, academia, and civil society to understand the implications of AI advancements and ensure they benefit society equitably.

The AI Incident Database is one of PAI’s key projects because it is a tangible resource on what can happen if AI is not built or deployed in a manner which considers real world implications. (Learn More)

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The First Taxonomy of AI Incidents

In November the Partnership on AI AI Incident Database (AIID) publicly invited users to instantly search through thousands of pages of…... (Read More)

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  • system: 1907
  • new: 1890
  • compani: 1821
  • peopl: 1760
  • googl: 1635
  • car: 1522
  • algorithm: 1439
  • sai: 1359
  • robot: 1343
  • human: 1334