Incident 74: Detroit Police Wrongfully Arrested Black Man Due To Faulty FRT

Description: A Black man was wrongfully detained by the Detroit Police Department as a result of a false facial recognition (FRT) result..


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Alleged: DataWorks Plus developed an AI system deployed by Detroit Police Department, which harmed Robert Julian-Borchak Williams and Black people in Detroit.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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In June 2020, the Detroit Police Department wrongfully arrested Robert Julian-Borchak Williams after facial recognition techonology provided by DataWorks Plus had mistaken Williams for a black man who was recorded on a CCTV camera stealing. This incident is cited as an instance where facial recognition continues to possess racial bias, especially towards the Black and Asian population.

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The Detroit Police Department wrongfully arrest a black man due to its faulty facial recognition program provided by Dataworks Plus.



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Harm to civil liberties

AI System Description

DataWorks Plus facial recognition software was provided to the Detroit Police Department and focuses on biometrics storage and matching, including fingerprints, palm prints, irises, tattoos, and mugshots.

System Developer

DataWorks Plus

Sector of Deployment

Public administration and defence

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Cognition, Action

AI Techniques

facial recognition, machine learning, environmental sensing

AI Applications

Facial recognition, environmental sensing, biometrics, image recognition, speech recognition


United States (Detroit, Michigan)

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Detroit Police Department, DataWorks Plus

Technology Purveyor

DataWorks Plus

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Harm caused



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Data Inputs

biometrics, images, camera footage

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Known AI Goal

Face Recognition

Known AI Technology

Face Detection

Potential AI Technology

Convolutional Neural Network, Distributional Learning

Potential AI Technical Failure

Dataset Imbalance, Generalization Failure, Underfitting, Covariate Shift

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