Incident 573: Deepfake Recordings Allegedly Influence Slovakian Election

Description: Days before Slovakia's election, deepfake audio recordings surfaced, allegedly featuring conversations between a journalist and a leading liberal politician discussing vote-rigging and other controversial topics. The recordings were spread on social media platforms and may have influenced the election outcome, which saw the pro-Russian populist party winning.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Slovakian electorate , Monika Todova , Michal Šimečka and Democratic process in Slovakia.

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Daniel Atherton
En Slovaquie, la désinformation bat son plein à l'approche des législatives · 2023

Diffusion de la propagande russe, manipulation électorale, mensonges sur la situation en Ukraine, discours haineux contre les migrants, la désinformation en Slovaquie ne s'est jamais aussi bien portée que lors de cette campagne des législat…

Slovakia swamped by disinformation ahead of parliamentary elections · 2023

As Slovakia heads toward parliamentary elections on Saturday, the country has been flooded with disinformation, ranging from pro-Russian propaganda, lies about the situation in Ukraine and the spread of anti-migrant hate speech.

Leader of S…

Progressive Slovakia becomes target of AI misinformation, tops polls · 2023

Two far-right Republika’s social media posts in which AI is used to mimic the voice of Progressives leader Michal Šimečka and spread falsehoods, like plans to raise the cost of beer, were eventually removed from YouTube but remained availab…

Trolls in Slovakian election tap AI deepfakes to spread disinformation · 2023

BRATISLAVA – Videos featuring artificial intelligence-generated deepfake voices of politicians are spreading on social media ahead of the Slovak parliamentary elections this weekend, showcasing how the emergent technology is being harnessed…

Slovakia’s Election Deepfakes Show AI Is a Danger to Democracy · 2023

Just two days before Slovakia’s elections, an audio recording was posted to Facebook. On it were two voices: allegedly, Michal Šimečka, who leads the liberal Progressive Slovakia party, and Monika Tódová from the daily newspaper Denník N. T…

Deepfakes in Slovakia Preview How AI Will Change the Face of Elections · 2023

Given the proliferation of AI deepfakes in the recent Slovakian election, it's getting harder to tell who's talking. But first...

The Cyber Angle

Something didn't add up in an alleged conversation between Progressive Slovakia's leader, Mich…

Was Slovakia election the first swung by deepfakes? · 2023

A couple of days before Slovakia's election last Saturday, a prominent journalist was sent a recording circulating on social media that alarmed her. In it, Monika Todova heard herself discussing with Michal Simecka, a leading liberal politi…

Slovakia: Deepfake audio of Denník N journalist offers worrying example of AI abuse · 2023

The 2023 Slovak parliamentary election campaign made history, and not for the right reasons. For the first time, deepfakes played a role in the pre-election battle. Two days prior to the election, a video with an audio clip that allegedl…

Deepfake Menace Hit Slovak Elections - Transitions · 2023

Incident is believed to be one of the first examples in the EU of using AI to manipulate the likeness of a journalist – and could portend the use of such tools to discredit the media. From the International Press Institute.

The 2023 Slovak …


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