Incident 134: Robot in Chinese Shopping Mall Fell off the Escalator, Knocking down Passengers

Description: A shopping guide robot deployed by the Fuzhou Zhongfang Marlboro Mall was shown on video allegedly walking to the escalator by itself, falling down, and knocking over passengers, which prompted its suspension.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by Fuzhou Zhongfang Marlboro Mall, which harmed Fuzhou Zhongfang Marlboro Mall goers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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Shopping mall robot fell off the escalator and knocked down passengers · 2020

(Translated from Chinese by Google Translate)

On December 25, a shopping guide robot in Fuzhou Zhongfang Marlboro Mall fell off the escalator and knocked over passengers. On the 27th, it was learned that the robot had been suspended. The pe…

Weibo post: Sino-Singapore Jingwei · 2020

[#Shopping mall robot fell off the escalator and knocked down the passengers#Shopping mall: The robot company is analyzing the dissection] On December 25, the shopping guide robot in the Fuzhou Zhongfang Wanbao City mall fell off the escala…


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