Incident 575: Amazon Rife with Many Allegedly AI-Generated Books of Suspect Quality

Description: Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited young adult romance bestseller list was flooded with allegedly AI-generated books that made little to no sense, disrupting the rankings. These books were reported to be "clearly there to click farm." Despite being removed from the bestseller list, many remained available for purchase. The incident raised concerns about the integrity of the platform, and the potential financial impact on legitimate authors.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Authors , Amazon Customers and Amazon.

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Daniel Atherton
AI-Generated Books of Nonsense Are All Over Amazon's Bestseller Lists · 2023

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited young adult romance bestseller list was filled with dozens of AI-generated books of nonsense on Monday and Tuesday. As of Wednesday morning, Amazon appeared to have taken action against the books, but the episode s…


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