Incident 481: Deepfake TikTok Video Featured Joe Rogan Endorsing Supplement Brand

Description: A deepfake video featuring podcast host Joe Rogan advertising to his listeners about a "libido-boosting" supplement was circulating on TikTok and other platforms before being removed by TikTok along with the account which posted it.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by @mikesmithtrainer, which harmed Joe Rogan , Joe Rogan fans and TikTok users.

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Khoa Lam
AI Joe Rogan Promotes Product in Disconcerting Deepfake Video · 2023

An artificially intelligent (AI) deep fake video of podcaster Joe Rogan reportedly fooled TikTok viewers into buying a product he had never discussed.

The deep fake video features an eerily realistic AI version of Rogan promoting supplement…

TikTok removes viral video ad of suspected Joe Rogan AI deepfake · 2023

If you've been on TikTok lately, you might have been served a video advertisement featuring Joe Rogan and one of his guests on his immensely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. In the clip, Rogan boasts about a "libido booster for me…

TikTok takes down video ad of suspected Joe Rogan deepfake for breach of policy · 2023

TikTok removed a suspected deepfake video in which podcaster Joe Rogan appears to promote a male-marketed coffee product called Alpha Grind on his show. 

A spokesperson for the social media site told Fox News Digital in an email on Thursday…

Deepfake Scammers Love Becoming Joe Rogan · 2023

This week, TikTok pulled down a fake video featuring “Rogan” shilling for Alpha Grind, a supposed libido booster for men. According to FakeRogan, it’s a supplement that can “really make a difference down there.”  (The actual Alpha Grind pro…

Making Deepfakes Gets Cheaper and Easier Thanks to A.I. · 2023

It wouldn’t be completely out of character for Joe Rogan, the comedian turned podcaster, to endorse a “libido-boosting” coffee brand for men.

But when a video circulating on TikTok recently showed Mr. Rogan and his guest, Andrew Huberman, h…

Insane deepfake sends Joe Rogan viral for promoting a product he’s never discussed · 2023

An internet scam featuring an AI version of controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has gone viral, terrifying the internet with its implications for the future of AI.

AI has been taking over the internet recently, with chatbots like ChatGPT bein…


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