Incident 480: Non-Consensual Deepfake Porn Targeted Female Content Creators

Description: Unauthorized, non-consensual deepfake pornography showing faces of high-profile female streamers and content creators was published on a subscription-based website, which gained notoriety after a male streamer was caught accessing the site.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Maya Higa , female streamers , female content creators , @Sweet Anita , @QTCinderella and @Pokimane.

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Khoa Lam, Daniel Atherton
Popular Female Twitch Streamers Targeted In Deepfake Pornography Scandal · 2023

Yesterday, Twitch streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing issued a tearful apology during his livestream after he accidentally revealed that he had deepfake pornography of popular female Twitch streamers open on his computer. The video of his apolo…

QTCinderella vows to sue deepfake website Atrioc was caught watching · 2023

As one of many streamers who have been objectified and exploited by the deepfaked lewd photo plague gaining traction after Atrioc inadvertently exposed it to thousands of viewers, QTCinderella vowed to sue the person responsible for creatin…

Deepfake Porn Creator Deletes Internet Presence After Tearful 'Atrioc' Apology · 2023

On Monday, Twitch streamer Brandon Ewing, who goes by Atrioc online, admitted to buying and watching deepfakes from an account that makes non-consensual, sexually explicit AI-generated videos of his colleagues in the streaming world.

In a l…

A Deepfake Porn Scandal Has Rocked Twitch · 2023

The article reported that popular streamers Pokimane, Maya Higa, and QTCinderella were among those who appeared as deepfakes. Anita — who gained notice on Twitch for embracing her Tourette’s syndrome and educating her audience about it — wa…

Twitch star QTCinderella’s deepfake porn nightmare: ‘F–k the internet’ · 2023

A popular gamer on Twitch has tearfully revealed she is the latest high-profile victim of deepfake porn, with predators pasting her face into a pre-existing adult video to make it seem she legitimately appeared in the kinky clip.


AI porn is easy to make now. For women, that’s a nightmare. · 2023

QTCinderella built a name for herself by gaming, baking and discussing her life on the video-streaming platform Twitch, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers at once. She pioneered "The Streamer Awards" to honor other high-performing con…

She discovered a naked video of herself online, but it wasn't her: The trauma of deepfake porn · 2023

Her inbox was flooded with explicit screenshots, seemingly from a pornographic video. She recognized her face, but not her body. For just a second, she questioned if the footage could be real. It certainly lookedthat way, though she knew sh…

They appeared in deepfake porn videos without their consent. Few laws protect them. · 2023

Artificial intelligence-generated pornography featuring the faces of nonconsenting women is becoming more pervasive online, and the issue is spilling into the world of popular influencers and streamers.

In January, the British livestreamer …

QTCinderella Finds She Cannot Sue The Creator Of Deepfake Site · 2023

Twitch streamer and YouTuber QTCinderella was in tears after she spoke out against the constant "exploitation and objectification" of women on a stream a couple weeks ago. It was triggered by the discovery that fellow streamer Atrioc had vi…

QTCinderella stares into legal void over explicit deepfakes · 2023

Twitch streamer QTCinderella has vented her frustration with the inadequacies of the US legal system after she couldn't find a lawyer to file a suit against the owner of a website that published deepfake porn videos depicting her.

She had p…

Nonconsensual deepfake porn puts AI in spotlight · 2023

In its annual “worldwide threat assessment,” top US intelligence officials have warned in recent years of the threat posed by so-called deepfakes – convincing fake videos made using artificial intelligence.

“Adversaries and strategic compet…

How ‘deepfake’ pornography victimizes women online · 2023

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan speaks with a Twitch streamer who was horrified to learn her likeness was being used in 'deepfake' pornography – a tactic being used as a method of online targeted harassment.

I was in deepfake porn, fans think it’s real — it can happen to anyone · 2023

Now, this is really faked up

Sweet Anita, a 32-year-old British social media star with more than 1.9 million Twitch followers, is deeply freaked out after discovering that her face has been digitally superimposed into deepfake pornography…

The Debate on Deepfake Porn Misses the Point · 2023

When Blaire, a streamer known online as QTCinderella, first heard that her face had been deepfaked onto a porn performer’s body, she was puzzled. A popular creator with more than 800,000 followers on Twitch, she often streamed herself playi…

Twitch Finally Addresses Porn Deepfake Scandal Over A Month Later · 2023

A month after Twitch streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing accidentally revealed that he was watching sexually explicit deepfakes of his fellow streamers while on stream, Twitch has issued a lengthy statement regarding its stance on the controver…


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