Incident 39: Deepfake Obama Introduction of Deepfakes

Description: University of Washington researchers made a deepfake of Obama, followed by Jordan Peele


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Alleged: University of Washington and FakeApp developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Barack Obama.

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Sean McGregor

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In 2017, researchers at the University of Washington used 14 hours of audio and video clips spoken by President Barack Obama to create a deepfake video. One year later, comedian Jordan Peele also created a fake video of Obama to highlight the ease of faking public statements, but used his own voice impression instead.

Short Description

University of Washington researchers made a deepfake of Obama, followed by Jordan Peele



Harm Type

Harm to social or political systems

AI System Description

In the 2017 case, a recurrent neural network was used to generate synthetic video. In the 2018 case, a proprietary model developed by FakeApp was used to generate synthetic video.

System Developer

University of Washington, FakeApp

Sector of Deployment

Information and communication

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Action

AI Techniques


AI Applications

Content curation



Named Entities

University of Washington, Jordan Peele, Barack Obama

Technology Purveyor

University of Washington, Jordan Peele

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Near miss


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Lives Lost


Data Inputs

14 hours of footage from Obama's public statements and addresses (2017), Jordan Peele's voice and lip movements (2018)

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Known AI Goal

Deepfake Video Generation

Known AI Technology

Neural Network, Face Detection, Recurrent Neural Network, Generative Adversarial Network

Potential AI Technology

3D reconstruction

Potential AI Technical Failure

Misinformation Generation Hazard

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Harm Distribution Basis


Sector of Deployment

Arts, entertainment and recreation, professional, scientific and technical activities

AI Creates Fake Obama

AI Creates Fake Obama

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In news that has made pranksters around the world pay attention, there is now a computer program that can create a realistic simulated video of someone speaking.

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He may no longer be president of the White House but former US president Barack Obama is still making some presidential speeches, although all is not as it appears.

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A new breed of video and audio manipulation tools allow for the creation of realistic looking news footage, like the now infamous fake Obama speech

In an age of Photoshop, filters and social media, many of us are used to seeing manipulated …

How to Synthesize a Fake Obama Video with Artificial Neural Networks · 2017

It seems that nowadays, there isn’t a day that passes by without someone proclaiming “fake news” — that now-infamous phrase that rose to prominence during the last American election and is now being bandied about ad nauseum.

But as any inte…

'Deep fakes': How to know what's true in the fake-Obama video era · 2018

A neural network trained on hours of footage to produce this video of President Barack Obama lipsyncing.

It always starts with porn.

What first revealed the internet's power to distribute information? The immense and immediate explosion of …

Watch Jordan Peele use AI to make Barack Obama deliver a PSA about fake news · 2018

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Fake news comes in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, it’s becoming more difficult to detect as technology advances. Courtesy of BuzzFeed and Get Out director Jordan Peele, we now have an appropriately terrifying idea of what it may l…

Jordan Peele turns Obama into a foul-mouthed fake-news PSA · 2018

It starts with a clickbait-y title -- "You Won't Believe What Obama Says In This Video!" -- and then delivers on that promise.

Buzzfeed released a video on Tuesday that at first appears to show former US President Barack Obama conveying a w…

This AI video of Barack Obama is the disturbing future of fake news · 2018

An exercise in creating a humorous faked video of Barack Obama is in reality a disturbing preview of how AI can be used to manipulate ordinary people. Ironically, it turns out, AI might also be our savior from fake news at the same time.


Barack Obama fake news video highlights dangers of AI · 2018


Fake news, meet artificial intelligence.

A video created by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele and released by BuzzFeed appears to show Barack Obama referencing the movie “Black Panther,” remarking on HUD Secretary Ben C…

Watch Jordan Peele use AI to make Obama talk about fake news · 2018

The technology has both astounded and frightened people in equal measure, but a new video highlights just how influential AI has become in news reporting.

Not so long ago – and even today – the authenticity of a piece of news was based on p…

Jordan Peele Made a Fake Obama Video to Prove How Easily Conned We Are · 2018

If you, like me, believe yourself to be a scrupulous consumer of news, full of healthy skepticism and too smart for that fake-news bullshit, Jordan Peele has got a big, stiff-ass cup of wake-the-hell-up for you. Yesterday, Peele released a …

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Jordan Peele Warns “Effed-up Dystopia” Using AI to Make Fake Obama Video · 2018

The problem with reality is that discerning what truly is can take an enormous amount of work. Take science, for instance. There is actually pretty consistent data on what types of food most should be eating — particularly if you do deep di…

A.I. Video Depicting Barack Obama Shows Dangers of Fake News · 2018

There’s a video making its rounds online in which former President Barack Obama is cosigning the efforts of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, offering a controversial opinion about HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and calling President Donald Trum…

Barack Obama on How AI Will Affect Jobs · 2018

How will artificial intelligence affects jobs?

Let’s hear from Barack Obama on the future of the world.

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Obama tech advisor: Fun’s over for AI-driven ‘Deep Fake’ video · 2018

“All of this is fun and late night comedy and video games – until it isn’t,” says former White House senior advisor David Edelman

David Edelman, former special adviser to Presidents Bush and Obama on technology and cyber security, was worki…

AIs created our fake video dystopia but now they could help fix it · 2018

Rami Niemi

“President Trump is a complete and total dipshit.” So announced Barack Obama, in a video released on YouTube earlier this year. Uncharacteristic, certainly, but it appeared very real. It was, however, a falsified video made — by …

The New AI Tech Turning Heads in Video Manipulation · 2018

A new technique using artificial intelligence to manipulate video content gives new meaning to the expression “talking head.”

An international team of researchers showcased the latest advancement in synthesizing facial expressions—including…

How 'Deep Fakes' Became Easy - And Why That's So Scary · 2018

A minute-long video of Barack Obama has been seen more than 4.8 million times since April. It shows the former U.S. president seated, with the American flag in the background, speaking directly to the viewer and using an obscenity to refer …


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