Incident 7: Wikipedia Vandalism Prevention Bot Loop

Description: Wikipedia bots meant to remove vandalism clash with each other and form feedback loops of repetitve undoing of the other bot's edits.


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Alleged: Wikipedia developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Wikimedia Foundation , Wikipedia Editors and Wikipedia Users.

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Sean McGregor

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Wikipedia bots meant to help edit articles through artificial intelligence clash with each other, undoing the other's edits repetitively. The bots are meant to remove vandalism on the open-source, open-input site, however they have begun to disagree with each other and form infintie feedback loops of correcting the other's edits. Two notable cases are the face off between Xqbot and Darnkessbot that has led to 3,629 edited articles between 2009-2010 and between Tachikoma and Russbot leading to more than 3,000 edits. These edits have occurred across articles in 13 languages on Wikipedia, with the most ocurring in Portuguese language articles and the least occurring in German language articles. The whole situation has been described as a "bot-on-bot editing war."

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Wikipedia bots meant to remove vandalism clash with each other and form feedback loops of repetitve undoing of the other bot's edits.



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Other:Harm to publicly available information

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Wikipedia editing bots meant to remove vandalism on the site

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Information and communication

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Perception, Cognition, Action

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Content editing bot

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AI content creation, AI content editing



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Wikipedia articles, edits from other bots

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information and communication

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