Incident 205: AI-Generated Profiles Used in Disinformation Campaign Targeting Ukrainians

Description: According to security reports by Meta, fictitious personas with GAN-generated profile pictures were used by people operating in Russia and Ukraine to push a disinformation campaign targeting Ukrainian social media users, and were taken down.


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Khoa Lam
Updates on Our Security Work in Ukraine · 2022

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our teams have been on high alert to identify emerging threats and respond as quickly as we can. Here are a few updates on our security work.

Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

In the last 48 hours…

Meta says it's shut down a pro-Russian disinformation network, warns of a social media hacking operation · 2022

Facebook (FB)'s parent Meta said Monday it has caught dozens of fake, pro-Russian accounts, groups and pages across its platforms trying to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda as the war in Ukraine continues to rage.

Meta's takedown of the inf…

Facebook Blocks ‘Ghostwriter’ Hackers Targeting Ukraine’s Army · 2022

The hacking group linked to the Belarusian government is known for breaking into real news sites to plant fake stories.

Facebook says it has cracked down on a shadow hacking group that’s been ramping up its efforts to hack Ukrainian militar…

Facebook-owner Meta says Ukraine's military, politicians targeted in hacking campaign · 2022

Meta Platforms (FB.O) said a hacking group used Facebook to target a handful of public figures in Ukraine, including prominent military officials, politicians and a journalist, amid Russia's ongoing invasion of the country.

Meta said in the…


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