Incident 567: Deepfake Voice Exploit Compromises Retool's Cloud Services

Description: In August 2023, a hacker reportedly was successful in breaching Retool, an IT company specializing in business software solutions, impacting 27 cloud customers. The attacker appears to have initiated the breach by sending phishing SMS messages to employees and later used an AI-generated deepfake voice in a phone call to obtain multi-factor authentication codes. The breach seems to have exposed vulnerabilities in Google's Authenticator app, specifically its cloud-syncing function, further enabling unauthorized access to internal systems.


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Sean McGregor, Daniel Atherton

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Hacker Deepfakes Employee's Voice in Phone Call to Breach IT Company · 2023

A hacker used AI to deepfake an employee’s voice and break into an IT company. 

The breach, which ensnared 27 cloud customers, occurred last month at Retool, a company that helps clients build business software.

The hacker kicked off the in…


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