Incident 543: Deepfake of Explosion Near US Military Administration Building Reportedly Causes Stock Dip

Description: An apparent deepfake image posted by a false Bloomberg news account to Twitter depicted an explosion near the pentagon office complex near Washington DC.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Twitter Users , Stock Holders and Family of People Near Pentagon.

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Sean McGregor
A tweet about a Pentagon explosion was fake. It still went viral. · 2023

On Monday morning, a verified Twitter account called Bloomberg Feed shared an ominous tweet. Beneath the words, “Large Explosion near The Pentagon Complex in Washington, D.C. - Initial Report,” it showed an image of a huge plume of black sm…

AI-Generated Image of Pentagon Explosion Caused Markets to Dip · 2023

An artificial intelligence (AI) generated photo which showed a fake explosion outside the Pentagon went viral and caused the markets to briefly dip today.

On Monday morning, an image showing a huge cloud of black smoke on a grass lawn outsi…

Fake Image Of Explosion Near Pentagon Went Viral—Even Though It Never Happened · 2023

A fake, apparently AI-generated image of an explosion outside the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, briefly went viral Monday morning, though the Department of Defense confirmed the image was fake—as government officials continue to warn abo…

Fake Pentagon explosion photo caused a real dip in the stock market · 2023

A deepfake of an explosion at the Pentagon that caused the stock market to dip exemplified the misinformation risks of generative AI.

On Monday, a seemingly AI-generated image of what looked like an explosion outside of the Pentagon circula…

Fake viral images of an explosion at the Pentagon were probably created by AI · 2023

A false report of an explosion at the Pentagon, accompanied by an apparently AI-generated image, spread on Twitter on Monday morning, sparking a brief dip in the stock market.

"There is NO explosion or incident taking place at or near the P…

Viral AI Pentagon explosion hoax causes hysteria on social media · 2023

Between advances in AI technology and blue checks for anyone willing to pay the monthly subscription fee, a lot is happening on social media. Today (May 22), one of the most guarded government buildings in the nation fell victim to a hoax. …

AI-generated photo of fake Pentagon explosion sparks brief stock selloff · 2023

A purportedly AI-generated photo of a fake explosion at the Pentagon spread rapidly on social media on Monday – prompting mass confusion among users and a brief selloff in the US stock market.

The fake photo, which showed smoke billowing ou…

Fake Pentagon “explosion” photo sows confusion on Twitter · 2023

On Monday, a tweeted AI-generated image suggesting a large explosion at the Pentagon led to brief confusion, which included a reported small drop in the stock market. It originated from a verified Twitter account named "Bloomberg Feed," una…

Pentagon attack hoax that triggered brief market selloff illustrates pitfalls of A.I.-driven fake news, warns Deutsche Bank · 2023

Generative artificial intelligence is often considered a threat to white-collar workers employed in the knowledge sector. But what about capital markets? 

Investors got a taste of what may be to come after fake images of smoke billowing nex…

AI 'Pentagon blast' image shows we are not prepared for deepfakes, warns expert · 2023

Media, technology and financial industries are not prepared for an onslaught of highly convincing fake images which could crash stock markets and spark political unrest, an artificial intelligence expert says.

An AI-generated image of an ex…

Fake image of Pentagon explosion causes real dip on Wall Street · 2023

It could be the first instance of an AI-generated image sowing enough confusion to move stock markets.

A fake image of an explosion next to the Pentagon spread on social media and caused a brief dip in the US stock market on Monday.

The now…

Fake Pentagon explosion photo goes viral: How to spot an AI image · 2023

A fake image appearing to show a large explosion near the Pentagon was shared on social media on Monday prompting a brief dip in the stock market.

Within minutes, a wave of social media accounts including some verified accounts shared the f…

Fake Pentagon blast pic triggers stock market drop · 2023

The recent circulation of a deepfake image on Twitter that depicted an explosion outside the Pentagon exemplified the risks of misinformation associated with generative AI. The image, which appeared to be AI-generated, caused the stock mark…

Deepfakes spell deep trouble for markets · 2023

When you report on the cut and thrust of breakneck developments, big money deals, mind-bending hype, and multi-billionaire egos in the technology world, it can be easy to get caught up in the game and ignore the fact that the winners are no…

Artificial Intelligence manufactures explosion of Pentagon, authorities huddle to clarify · 2023

The world paused briefly when the visuals of an explosion in Pentagon's premises began making rounds on social media on Monday. The image, which began circulating on Twitter on May 22, showed an explosion on a grass lawn outside the Pentago…

An AI Picture Just Caused The Stock Market To Crash · 2023

An AI-generated photo of an explosion near the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., caused the United States stock market to crash. The image was shared by a verified account on Twitter called Bloomberg Feed, accompanied by a misleading caption th…

Twitter to expand crowd-sourced fact-checking tool after Pentagon explosion deep fake · 2023
James Farrell post-incident response

After a fake image of the Pentagon on fire went viral recently, Twitter Inc. has decided that the platform needs to better arm itself against such deep fake skullduggery.

The artificial intelligence-generated image was seen by enough people…


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