Incident 8: Uber Autonomous Cars Running Red Lights

Description: Uber vehicles equipped with technology allowing for autonomous driving running red lights in San Francisco street testing.


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Alleged: Uber developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed pedestrians and Motorists.

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Sean McGregor

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Uber's autonomous vehicles have been recorded running red lights on two occasions in a pilot program on the streets of San Francisco, California. A witness, Christoper Koff, reported seeing the AI enabled Volvo XC90 SUV pass through a red light three seconds after the light had turned red and while a pedestrian was in the crosswalk. There were no injuries or collisions. Uber has denied the claim this was the system's error, citing human operator error and suspending the driver. Two Uber employees reported to the New York Times that the fault was of the AI system.

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Uber vehicles equipped with technology allowing for autonomous driving running red lights in San Francisco street testing.



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Self-driving autonomous Uber vehicles

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Transportation and storage

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Perception, Cognition, Action

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autonomous vehicles, LIDAR, radar

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traffick flow forecasting, autonomous driving


San Francisco, CA

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Uber, Volvo

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Uber, Volvo

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Near miss



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Infrastructure Sectors


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Traffick patterns, environment surroundings, human driver input

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transportation and storage

Uber's Self-Driving Car Runs Red Light in San Francisco · 2016

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Uber Denounces Traffic Light Laws After Self-Driving Car Runs Red Light

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Call it another pothole for Uber.

Remember that taxicab dash-cam video of an Uber robocar running a red light in San Francisco last December? (It's embedded below.) Uber -- which had put the self-driving cars on the street…

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Despite statements to the press that "human error" was to blame for its vehicles running a series of red lights in San Francisco, the company admitted internally that it was the car that was in autonomous mode when it failed to stop at the … · 2017

A taxi’s dashcam caught this self-driving car running a red light on Third Street in December. Uber originally said a human was driving. (Courtesy photo)

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