Incident 20: A Collection of Tesla Autopilot-Involved Crashes

Description: Multiple unrelated car accidents result in varying levels of harm have been occurred while a Tesla's autopilot was in use.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Motorists.

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Sean McGregor

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Multiple unrelated car accidents result in varying levels of harm have been occurred while a Tesla's autonomous driving mode was in use. The autonomous vehicle's driving capabilities range from fully human-controlled to fully autonomous, allowing the system to control speed, direction, acceleration, deceleration, and lane changes. In most cases, the driver was given warning prior to impact, alerting the human driver to the need of intervention.

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Multiple unrelated car accidents result in varying levels of harm have been occurred while a Tesla's autopilot was in use.



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Harm to physical health/safety, Financial harm

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Tesla autopilot is an autonomous driving system that allow an autonomous vehicle to determine speed, acceleration, deceleration, direction, and lane changes

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Transportation and storage

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Cognition, Action

AI Techniques

Autonomous vehicle, Tesla autopilot

AI Applications

autonomous driving



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Tesla, Joshua Brown, Wei Huang, Nicolas Ciarlone, Elaine Herzberg

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Harm caused



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360 Ultrasonic Sonar, Image Recognition Camera, Long Range Radar, traffic patterns

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Harm Distribution Basis


Sector of Deployment

transportation and storage

Can You Sue a Robocar?

Can You Sue a Robocar?

Tesla driver killed in crash with Autopilot active, NHTSA investigating · 2016

A Tesla Model S with the Autopilot system activated was involved in a fatal crash, the first known fatality in a Tesla where Autopilot was active. The company revealed the crash in a blog post posted today and says it informed the National …

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Advocates of autonomy tend to cite overall improvements to road safety in a future of self-driving cars. Ninety-four percent of car crashes are caused by driver error, and both fully and partially autonomous cars could improve that number s…

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It’s the year 2025. Your driverless car has just crashed into a tree at 55mph because its built-in computer valued a pedestrian’s life above your own. Your injuries are the result of a few lines of code that were hacked out by a 26-year-old…

Tesla says crashed vehicle had been on autopilot prior to accident · 2018

LOS GATOS, California (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) said on Friday that a Tesla Model X involved a fatal crash in California last week had activated its Autopilot system, raising new questions about the semi-autonomous system that handles …

Tesla Driver Allegedly Reported Autopilot Issues to Dealer Several Times Prior to Fatal Crash · 2018

Tesla confirmed that its self-driving feature, Autopilot, was engaged in a fatal accident that occurred in California. Walter Huang, the driver of the Model X, struck a compressed traffic attenuator and was killed despite having Autopilot e…

Fatal Tesla Crash Raises New Questions About Autopilot System · 2018

The company said the driver, Wei Huang, 38, a software engineer for Apple, had received several visual and audible warnings to put his hands back on the steering wheel but had failed to do so, even though his Model X S.U.V. had the modified…

Tesla: Autopilot was on during crash · 2018

Electric carmaker Tesla has confirmed its "Autopilot" feature was engaged during a fatal crash last week, a development set to exacerbate concerns over the safety of futuristic vehicles.

Autopilot is still far from a completely autonomous d…

Tesla Model X in Autopilot Killed a Driver. Officials Aren’t Pleased With How Tesla Handled It. · 2018

Tesla is taking PR very seriously after one of its vehicles in autonomous mode killed a passenger recently.

The crash occurred at 9:27 AM on Highway 101 near Mountain View, California. Walter Huang was in the driver’s seat of the Model X, w…

Tesla, Uber Deaths Raise Questions About the Perils of Partly Autonomous Driving · 2018

Earlier this week, the Tempe, Ariz., police released a video of the fatal accident involving a pedestrian and an Uber self-driving vehicle. We asked experts to analyze the footage and explain what factors may have caused systems to fail. Ph…

Apple engineer killed in Tesla car operating in driverless mode · 2018

Electric car company Tesla has confirmed that a recent fatal crash involving one of its vehicles occurred while the car was in autopilot mode.

Tesla released a blog post last week to provide more details about the accident on 23 March 2018,…

Family of Tesla driver killed in Model X crash on Autopilot is preparing to sue Tesla · 2018

The safety of Tesla Autopilot came back into focus after it was confirmed that the driver assist system was on during the fatal accident that killed a Model X owner in Mountain View last month.

Now the family of the deceased say that they a…

Tesla Criticized for Blaming Autopilot Death on Driver · 2018

Consumer-safety advocates and autonomous-vehicle experts criticized Tesla Inc. for issuing another statement about the death of a customer that pinned the blame on driver inattentiveness.

Days after publishing a second blog post about the c…

After Several Deaths, Tesla Is Still Sending Mixed Messages About Autopilot · 2018

After making repeated statements on an ongoing government investigation into a fatal crash involving Autopilot, Tesla has been kicked out of the probe being conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board for violating its legal agree…

Tesla Model S was on Autopilot, Utah driver tells police · 2018

CLOSE The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a crash and fire involving a Telsa Model S car. Two teens died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida crash on Tuesday. The probe is not expected to involve Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopi…

A Closer Inspection of Tesla’s Autopilot Safety Statistics · 2018

A Closer Inspection of Tesla’s Autopilot Safety Statistics

Source: Tesla, Inc.

The automotive industry is at the beginning of a grand experiment. If completely successful, humanity could be ushered into a new economy where driving is a hobb…

Elon Musk says Tesla crashes shouldn’t be front page news. Here’s why they should. · 2018

Proponents of self-driving-car technology often tout one statistic: More than 37,000 people died in automotive-related accidents every year for at least the past two years.

Self-driving cars would help reduce those accidents, these people s…

FACT CHECK: Tesla safety claims aren't quite right · 2018

In this Sept. 29, 2015, file photo, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., introduces the Model X car at the company's headquarters in Fremont, Calif. For years, Tesla has boasted that its cars and SUVs are safer than other vehicles on the ro… · 2018

Executive Summary Executive Summary ​On Friday, March 23, 2018, about 9:27 a.m., Pacific daylight time, a 2017 Tesla Model X P100D electric-powered passenger vehicle, occupied by a 38-year-old driver, was traveling south on US Highway 101 (…

Police: Tesla That Hit Mass. State Trooper's Vehicle Was In Autopilot · 2020

Maria Smith sat on her front porch in Holbrook and recalled her terrifying experience last December while driving home from college.

A Massachusetts State Police trooper had just stopped the 21-year-old at about 10 p.m. on Route 24 in West …

Tesla on ‘Autopilot’ hits police vehicle which hits ambulance, driver possibly drunk: police · 2020

Police are probing possible drunk-driving in the case of a Tesla driver in Arizona who said he was using the Bay Area electric car maker’s controversial “Autopilot” system when his sedan smashed into an unoccupied police vehicle, which then…

Tesla with Autopilot hits cop car—driver admits he was watching a movie · 2020

Police in North Carolina have filed charges against a driver whose Tesla crashed into a police car early Wednesday morning, Raleigh's CBS 17 television reports. The driver admitted to officers that he had activated the Autopilot technology …


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