Incident 25: Near-miss between two Self-Driving Cars

Description: A Google self-driving car allegedly cut off a Delphi self-driving car during a road test, however the Delphi car sensed and avoided collision with the Google car.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Delphi Technologies.

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Sean McGregor

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A Google self-driving car cut off a Delphi self-driving car in Silicon Valley, California. A Delphi spokesperson first reported the near miss under the context of both cars acting in the way they should. The Delphi car sensed the Google car's approach into the lane it intended to merge into, therefore termintating the Delphi car's lane change until safe to do so. Google agreed with this statement. Delphi later amended their statement to say "the vehicles didn't even come that close to each other."

Short Description

A Google self-driving car allegedly cut off a Delphi self-driving car during a road test, however the Delphi car sensed and avoided collision with the Google car.



AI System Description

Self-driving cars developed by Google and Delphi, respectively

System Developer

Google, Delphi

Sector of Deployment

Transportation and storage

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Cognition, Action

AI Techniques

environmental sensing, decision trees, artificially intelligent automobiles

AI Applications

autonomous vehicles, interpreting traffic patterns


Silicon Valley, California

Named Entities

Google, Delphi

Technology Purveyor

Google, Delphi

Beginning Date


Ending Date


Near Miss

Near miss



Lives Lost


Infrastructure Sectors


Data Inputs

traffic patterns, environmental input

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