Incident 496: Male College Freshman Allegedly Made Porn Deepfakes Using Female Friend's Face

Description: A female college student's face was superimposed on another woman's body in deepfake pornographic videos and shared on 4chan allegedly by a male student whose friendship with her fell apart during freshman year.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by unnamed male college student, which harmed unnamed female college student.

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Khoa Lam

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The College Student Whose Face Was Deepfaked Onto Porn · 2023

The period of time from the mid-20th century up until right now has often been called the “Information Age.” It’s defined by the massive amount of technological progress over the last century, which has brought anything and everything we co…

A College Girl Found Deepfake Porn of Herself Online. Who Did It Shocked Her · 2023

Taylor Klein will remind you of someone you know. A math-whiz engineer from an engineering family, her Facebook feed is littered with photos of her eating ice cream, studying, and enjoying the great outdoors — the most innocent of pastimes.…


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