Incident 479: Instagram Video Featured Deepfake Audio of US President Making Transphobic Remarks

Description: A deepfaked audio of US President Joe Biden making transphobic remarks played on top of a video showing him giving a speech was released on Instagram and circulated on social media.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed President Joe Biden and transgender people.

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Khoa Lam
Joe Biden has offered support for transgender Americans, unlike what deepfake video shows · 2023

A deepfake video of President Joe Biden harshly criticizing transgender women is being shared on social media. While the voice on the video may sound like Biden, the words coming out of his mouth are contrary to his past public support of t…

Fact check: Video altered to show Joe Biden making transphobic remarks · 2023

The claim: Video shows President Joe Biden making transphobic remarks in a speech

A Feb. 3 Instagram video shows President Joe Biden giving a speech with what appears to be audio of him insulting transgender women.

"You have no womb you hav…

Fact Check-Video does not show Joe Biden making transphobic remarks · 2023

A clip that seemingly shows U.S. President Joe Biden making transphobic remarks has been shared on social media as if authentic. There is no evidence he made such statements, however, and experts told Reuters the video appears to be a deepf…

New AI voice-cloning tools 'add fuel' to misinformation fire · 2023

NEW YORK – In a video from a Jan. 25 news report, President Joe Biden talks about tanks. But a doctored version of the video has amassed hundred of thousands of views this week on social media, making it appear he gave a speech that attacks…


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