Incident 478: Tesla FSD Reportedly Increased Crash Risk, Prompting Recall

Description: A component of Tesla Full Self Driving system was deemed by regulators to increase crash risk such as by exceeding speed limits or by traveling through intersections unlawfully or unpredictably, prompting recall for hundreds of thousands of vehicles.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Tesla , Tesla drivers and city traffic participants.

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Khoa Lam

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Tesla recalling nearly 363,000 vehicles equipped with ‘Full Self-Driving’ · 2023

Tesla is recalling all 363,000 US vehicles with its so-called “Full Self Driving” driver assist software due to safety risks, another blow to the feature that is central to the automaker’s business model.

“Full self-driving,” as it currentl…

Tesla recalls 362,758 vehicles, says Full Self-Driving Beta software may cause crashes · 2023

Tesla is voluntarily recalling 362,758 vehicles equipped with the company's experimental driver-assistance software, which is marketed as Full Self-Driving Beta or FSD Beta, in the US, according to a recall notice out Thursday. Tesla will d…

Tesla to Recall 362,000 Cars With Its ‘Full Self Driving’ System · 2023

Tesla is recalling more than 362,000 cars equipped with its Full Self Driving driver-assistance system after government regulators found it increased the risk of accidents.

The company’s technology, which can steer, accelerate, brake and ch…

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Recall Targets a 'Fundamental' Flaw · 2023

After years selling its controversial Full-Self Driving software upgrade for thousands of dollars, Tesla today issued a recall for every one of the nearly 363,000 vehicles using the feature. The move was prompted by a US government agency s…

Tesla is forced to 'recall' all Full Self-Driving Beta with update, NHTSA says may cause crash · 2023

Tesla has been forced to “recall” all vehicles equipped with Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta as NHTSA believes it may cause crashes.

The fix is a software update.

In a recall notice released today, NHTSA has notified that Tesla has agreed to “…

Tesla to recall 362,758 cars because Full Self Driving Beta is dangerous · 2023

On Thursday Tesla had to issue a recall for nearly 363,000 of its electric vehicles. At issue is the company's highly controversial "Full Self Driving" Beta, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes is dangerous.


Tesla recalls 362,000 U.S. vehicles over Full Self-Driving software · 2023

WASHINGTON, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) will recall more than 362,000 U.S. vehicles to update its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software after U.S. regulators said on Thursday the driver assistance system did not adequately adhere …

Tesla recalls 362,758 EVs, says self-driving software 'may cause' crashes · 2023

Tesla Inc. on Thursday launched a recall of 362,758 vehicles in connection with the EV maker’s self-driving software, saying it can increase the risk of crashes.

Tesla TSLA, -5.69% stock turned lower on the news, trading as low as $205.57, …

Tesla recalls 362,758 vehicles equipped with Full Self-Driving beta for ‘crash risk’ · 2023

Tesla will recall nearly 363,000 vehicles equipped with the company’s controversial Full Self-Driving (FSD) software after the top federal safety agency identified the driver-assist program as a “crash risk.”

Tesla issued a recall notice fo…

Tesla recalls 'Full Self-Driving' to fix unsafe actions · 2023

DETROIT (AP) — U.S. safety regulators have pressured Tesla into recalling nearly 363,000 vehicles with its “Full Self-Driving” system because it misbehaves around intersections and doesn’t always follow speed limits.

The recall, part of par…

Tesla Recalls 362,758 Vehicles Due to FSD Crash Risk · 2023

Tesla is recalling 362,758 of its vehicles due to crash risks associated with its autonomous driving software, referred to as Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta. The recall was announced via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHT…

Tesla issues recall of cars with ‘Full Self-Driving’ over crash risk · 2023

SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla is recalling more than 360,000 vehicles equipped with its Full Self-Driving beta software over apparent crash risks, a government regulator said.

The company says it will send a remote update to remedy the problem, as …

Why the Tesla Recall Matters · 2023

More than 350,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of concerns about their self-driving-assistance software—but this isn’t your typical recall. The fix will be shipped “over the…


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