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Incident 47812 Reports
Tesla FSD Reportedly Increased Crash Risk, Prompting Recall


A component of Tesla Full Self Driving system was deemed by regulators to increase crash risk such as by exceeding speed limits or by traveling through intersections unlawfully or unpredictably, prompting recall for hundreds of thousands of vehicles.


Incident 2088 Reports
Tesla Phantom Braking Complaints Surged, Allegedly Linked to Tesla Vision Rollout


In late 2021, Tesla owners’ complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about sudden unexpected automatic braking rapidly increased, coinciding with when radar was no longer equipped in its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.


Incident 4347 Reports
Sudden Braking by Tesla Allegedly on Self-Driving Mode Caused Multi-Car Pileup in Tunnel


A Tesla driver alleged Full Self Driving (FSD) braking unexpectedly as the cause for an eight-car pileup in San Francisco which led to minor injuries of nine people.


Incident 3336 Reports
Tesla on Autopilot Crashed Parked Michigan Police Car on Interstate


A Tesla Model Y on Autopilot collided with a parked Michigan State Police (MSP) car which had its emergency lights on, in Eaton County, Michigan, although no one was injured.


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