Incident 398: Tesla Autopilot Misidentified On-Road Horse-Drawn Carriage

Description: Tesla Autopilot's computer vision system was shown in a video mistaking a horse-drawn carriage for other forms of transport such as a truck, a car, and a human following a car.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Tesla drivers and horse-drawn carriages.

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Khoa Lam
Video appears to show a Tesla's Autopilot system confusing horse-drawn carriage for truck · 2020

A video posted by a Tesla driver appears to show his car's Autopilot system confusing a horse-drawn carriage for a truck.

The video, posted by Swiss YouTuber RealRusty, shows his Tesla approaching a horse-drawn carriage on a highway outside…

Tweet: @ISusmelj · 2022

A friend just shared this with me. A great example for how deep learning models struggle with out-of-distribution data.

I wonder how many carriages the model has seen during training 😅

Tesla autopilot feature mistakes horse carriage for a truck, netizens amused - Technology News · 2022

Tesla, the automobile giant and the market leader in electric vehicles thanks to its cutting-edge driving technology, including ‘self-driving/autopilot’ feature, found itself a target of snide remarks from bemused netizens.

Although the aut…


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