Incident 320: Tesla on Autopilot Collided with Parked Fire Truck on California Freeway

Description: A Tesla Model S operating on Autopilot mode crashed into the back of a parked fire truck on a freeway in Culver City, California in a non-fatal collision.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Tesla drivers and Culver City Fire Department.

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Khoa Lam
Tesla Police Blotter News - Tesla Driver Hits Parked Firetruck - Blames Autopilot · 2018

A Tesla crashed into the back of a bright red firetruck on Interstate 405 in Culver City California yesterday. Luckily, the driver and first responders were not injured, but the Tesla was clearly a total loss. What makes the story newsworth…

Tesla car was on Autopilot when it hit a Culver City firetruck, NTSB finds · 2019

A government report says the driver of a Tesla sedan that slammed into a Culver City firetruck on the 405 Freeway last year was using the car’s Autopilot system when a vehicle in front of him suddenly changed lanes and he didn’t have time t…

Tesla Driver Was on Autopilot Eating a Bagel and Hit a Fire Truck · 2019
NTSB Issues Report on Tesla Crash with Culver City Fire Engine · 2019

A driver's inattention, overreliance on his car's advanced driver assistance system, and use of the system inconsistent with manufacturer guidance, coupled with the system permitting driver disengagement from the driving task, led to the Ja…


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