Incident 434: Sudden Braking by Tesla Allegedly on Self-Driving Mode Caused Multi-Car Pileup in Tunnel

Description: A Tesla driver alleged Full Self Driving (FSD) braking unexpectedly as the cause for an eight-car pileup in San Francisco which led to minor injuries of nine people.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed traffic participants and Tesla drivers.

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Khoa Lam
Tesla ‘full self-driving’ triggered an eight-car crash, a driver tells police · 2022

A driver told authorities that their Tesla’s “full-self-driving” software braked unexpectedly and triggered an eight-car pileup in the San Francisco Bay Area last month that led to nine people being treated for minor injuries including one …

Tesla behind eight-vehicle crash was in ‘full self-driving’ mode, says driver · 2022

The driver of a 2021 Tesla Model S told California authorities the vehicle was in “full self-driving mode” when the technology malfunctioned, causing an eight-vehicle crash on the San Francisco Bay bridge last month.

The crash on Thanksgivi…

Tesla driver in multi-car crash told police self-driving software malfunctioned · 2022

WASHINGTON, Dec 21 (Reuters) - The driver of a 2021 Tesla (TSLA.O) Model S involved in an eight-vehicle crash last month on San Francisco's Bay Bridge told police he was in Full-Self Driving (FSD) mode which had malfunctioned, according to …

US probing automated driving system use in 2 Tesla crashes · 2022

The U.S. government’s highway safety agency said Thursday it will send teams to investigate two November crashes in California and Ohio involving Teslas that may have been operating on automated driving systems.

The probes bring to 35 the n…

Exclusive: Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on SF’s Bay Bridge Hours After Elon Musk Announces “Self-Driving” Feature · 2023

Highway surveillance footage from Thanksgiving Day shows a Tesla Model S vehicle changing lanes and then abruptly braking in the far-left lane of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, resulting in an eight-vehicle crash. The crash injured nine peop…

Self-Driving Tesla Causes Eight-Vehicle Crash, Injures Child · 2023

New footage just dropped of a Tesla self-driving accident that caused a pileup on the San Francisco Bay Bridge — a serious accident that even resulted in a toddler being injured.

Obtained by The Intercept via a California Public Records Act…

Newly Released Video Of Thanksgiving Day Tesla Full Self-Driving Crash Demonstrates The Fundamental Problem Of Semi-Automated Driving Systems · 2023

I’m not sure how much you keep up with bridge-related holiday car crashes, but there was a huge one this past Thanksgiving on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This was a genuine pileup, with eight vehicles involved and nine people injured. Tha…

Tesla-induced pileup involved driver-assist tech, government data reveals · 2023

The Tesla Model S that braked sharply and triggered an eight-car crash in San Francisco in November had the automaker’s controversial driver-assist software engaged within 30 seconds of the crash, according to data the federal government re…


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