Incident 128: Tesla Sedan on Autopilot Reportedly Drove Over Dividing Curb in Washington, Resulting in Minor Vehicle Damage

Description: A Tesla Sedan operating on Autopilot mode was not able to center itself on the road and drove over a yellow dividing curb in Redmond, Washington, causing minor damage to the vehicle’s rear suspension.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Eric Horvitz and Tesla drivers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
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One day last summer, Microsoft’s director of artificial intelligence research, Eric Horvitz, activated the Autopilot function of his Tesla sedan. The car steered itself down a curving road near Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington, fre…

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In the summer of 2017, Eric Horvitz turned on the Autopilot function of his Tesla sedan. Not having to worry about steering the car along a curving road in Redmond, Washington, allowed Horvitz to better focus on the call he was taking with …


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