Incident 509: Scammers Deepfaked Videos of Victims' Loved Ones Asking for Funds over Facebook in Vietnam

Description: In Vietnam, to convince victims of their disguises when prompted, scammers deepfaked audios and videos of victims' friends and families asking them over Facebook to send over thousands of dollars.


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Alleged: unknown developed an AI system deployed by scammers, which harmed Vietnamese Facebook users.

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Khoa Lam
Blooming techniques of face transplant, fake voice to borrow money with Deepfake application · 2023

(DTTCO) - After the scam by text messages thanks to money transfer, now scammers quickly apply other more sophisticated tactics, through fake video calls thanks to Deepfake technology.

Fool users

After nearly a week of being cheated of near…

Deepfake posing grave danger as scamming tool · 2023

After being detected with tricks of sending messages to appropriate money, scammers are now using an even more sophisticated tool called Deepfake to make fake video calls to victims and ask for money transfer.

Nearly a week after discoverin…


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