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Incident 5084 Reports
Celebrities' Deepfake Voices Abused with Malicious Intent


Voices of celebrities and public figures were deepfaked using voice synthesis for malicious intents such as impersonation or defamation, and were shared on social platforms such as 4chan and Reddit.


Incident 6904 Reports
ISIS Utilizes AI for Propaganda Videos in News Harvest Program


ISIS supporters have created an AI-generated media program called News Harvest to disseminate propaganda videos. The program produces near-weekly broadcasts featuring AI-generated news anchors discussing ISIS operations globally, using cheap and easy-to-use AI tools. This development showcases the use of AI as a powerful propaganda tool for extremist groups.


Incident 5682 Reports
AI-Generated Voices Amplify Conspiracy Theories on TikTok


NewsGuard has identified 17 TikTok accounts that have been using AI-generated voices to advance and amplify conspiracy theories and false claims beginning in June 2023. By September 25, 2023, these accounts had amassed over 336 million views and over 14.5 million likes. Videos include baseless claims involving public figures such as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Jamie Foxx.


Incident 6832 Reports
Scammers Using Deepfakes of Women's Faces and Voices for False and Offensive Advertisements


Scammers used AI tools from HeyGen and ElevenLabs to create deepfake videos of influencers Michel Janse, Olga Loiek, Shadé Zahrai, and Carrie Williams, misusing Lana Smalls's voice in Williams's case. These videos promoted offensive products and false messages, in some cases targeting nationalist Chinese men to boost China-Russia ties, causing emotional distress and damaging the victims' reputations.


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