Keir Starmer

Incidents Harmed By

Incident 60110 Reports
AI-Generated Fake Audio of Verbal Abuse Incident Circulates of British Labour Leader Keir Starmer


An AI-generated audio clip, purporting to show UK opposition leader Keir Starmer verbally abusing staff, was debunked as fake. The clip, circulated on social media, was analyzed and found likely manipulated, with added background noise to evade detection.


Incident 6071 Report
Deepfake Video Circulating of British Labour Leader Keir Starmer Touting an Investment Scheme


A deepfake video was circulating around social media of British Labour leader Keir Starmer touting an investment scheme.


Incident 6491 Report
Deepfake Audio Falsely Attributes Controversial Remarks to Keir Starmer About the Rochdale Azhar Ali Crisis


A deepfake audio clip, falsely claiming to be Keir Starmer discussing the Rochdale byelection and Labour's withdrawl of support for Azhar Ali, circulated online, achieving over 250,000 views. Experts confirmed its inauthenticity, highlighting a significant misuse of AI in fabricating political content.


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