Incident 601: AI-Generated Fake Audio of Verbal Abuse Incident Circulates of British Labour Leader Keir Starmer

Description: An AI-generated audio clip, purporting to show UK opposition leader Keir Starmer verbally abusing staff, was debunked as fake. The clip, circulated on social media, was analyzed and found likely manipulated, with added background noise to evade detection.


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Alleged: unknown developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed UK Labour Party and Keir Starmer.

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Daniel Atherton
Top Tory defends Keir Starmer over scary ‘deepfake' video ahead of AI summit · 2023
Christian Calgie post-incident response

Keir Starmer appeared in a totally doctored AI clip going viral on Twitter this morning (Image: Leo Hutz Twitter / Getty)

Politicians were dealt a warning this morning about the potential disruptive power of AI in the next general election.…

UK opposition leader targeted by AI-generated fake audio smear · 2023

An audio clip posted to social media on Sunday, purporting to show Britain’s opposition leader Keir Starmer verbally abusing his staff, has been debunked as being AI-generated by private-sector and British government analysis.

The audio of …

Keir Starmer suffers UK politics’ first deepfake moment. It won’t be the last · 2023

LONDON — The United Kingdom wants to lead the world on AI safety, but at home it is struggling with its most urgent threat.

Fears over the proliferation of AI-generated media, known as deepfakes, intensified this weekend as an audio clip ap…

Deepfake audio of Sir Keir Starmer released on first day of Labour conference · 2023

Deepfake videos of Sir Keir Starmer have been posted on the first day of Labour Party conference in a move that underlines the threat posed by deepfake technology and AI in UK politics.

The fake video of the Labour leader emerged on X, form…

Deepfake Audio Is a Political Nightmare · 2023

As members of the UK’s largest opposition party gathered in Liverpool for their party conference—probably their last before the UK holds a general election—a potentially explosive audio file started circulating on X, formerly known as Twitt…

Deepfakes warning after false video emerges of Keir Starmer at Labour conference · 2023

Deepfake videos of Sir Keir Starmer have been shared online at the beginning of the Labour party conference in a move that emphasises the threat posed to UK politics by artificial intelligence.

Labour campaigners are set to be trained to fl…

'Deepfake' Starmer clips posted during Labour conference in democracy 'threat' · 2023

"Deepfake" clips of Keir Starmer released during Labour conference have sparked warnings over the threat to democracy from artificial intelligence (AI).

An AI-generated audio clip of the Labour leader appearing to berate a staff member has …

The Starmer deepfake affair - letter to the editor · 2023

Dear Editor,

An element of doubt is insidious, I thought, having read about the ‘recording’ posted on X (formerly twitter), purporting to be a tirade from Sir Keir Starmer, effing and blinding at his staff because they forgot to bring his t…

No evidence that audio clip of Keir Starmer supposedly swearing at his staff is genuine · 2023

There is no evidence that an audio clip which has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), allegedly of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer swearing at a member of his staff, is genuine. 

The clip, which has over 1.5 million views at the time of writ…

Political Deepfake: Keir Starmer · 2023

A recent incident has thrust the dangers of deepfake technology into the spotlight again. An audio clip surfaced on Twitter last week allegedly capturing British opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer swearing at staffers. But evidence suggests…


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