Incident 26: Hackers Break Apple Face ID

Description: Vietnamese security firm Bkav created an improved mask to bypass Apple's Face ID


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Alleged: Apple developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Apple and Device Owners.

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Sean McGregor

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In November 2017, Vietnamese security firm Bkav bypassed Apple's Face ID authentication system by creating a mask made by using photos, stone powder, and 2D printed infrared images. Their experiment was designed to demonstrate the ease of unlocking, low cost (of about $200), and risk posed by using Face ID versus fingerprint-based Touch ID. This experiment provided further evidence from past claims made one month prior.

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Vietnamese security firm Bkav created an improved mask to bypass Apple's Face ID



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Harm to intangible property

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1:1 matching facial recognition system to verify and grant access to Apple devices employing Face ID.

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Information and communication

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Perception, Cognition, Action

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Deep learning

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Facial recognition



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Apple, Bkav

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Bkav, Apple

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One billion training images, infrared facial scan of individual user

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information and communication

How safe is Apple's Face ID and can it be hacked? New iPhone X security feature explained · 2017

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Hackers may have already proven that Face ID isn’t quite as secure as secure as Apple claims.

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This article has been updated below with another, more convincing video demonstration of Bkav's Face ID spoofing, which the firm revealed two weeks after the original.

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Did Apple's vaunted Face ID facial recognition system on the iPhone X already get hoodwinked?

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Hackers develop £115 mask to fool Apple's iPhone X Face ID · 2017

It's one of the most wanted features in the iPhone X, but it seems that Face ID may not be as safe as Apple thinks.

Cyber-security researchers claim they have fooled the face recognition technology with a mask that costs just £114 ($150) to…

Why It's Not a Big Deal That Masks Can Fool Face ID on the iPhone X · 2017

When Apple first announced Face ID for the iPhone X, it claimed the new feature was significantly more secure than Touch ID and couldn’t be fooled by even the most realistic of masks. But it turns out that might not be the case.

Vietnamese …

Hackers fool the iPhone X's Face ID using a cheesy-looking mask · 2017

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There is no such thing as foolproof phone security.

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Apple iPhone X Face ID: Vietnam Firm Demos Possible Hack · 2017

A researcher in Vietnam has demonstrated how he apparently fooled Apple‘s face recognition ID software on its new iPhone X using a mask made with a 3D printer, silicone, and paper tape.

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Hackers fool Apple's super secure Face ID and unlock iPhone X with a simple mask · 2017

IT'S barely been available for ten days, but conniving hackers have already cracked the iPhone X's facial recognition security system.

Security experts based in Singapore used a 3D scanner to re-create the owners face at a cost of £115.


Face ID hack is a little concerning · 2017

IT TURNS out Apple’s Face ID is far from perfect, as demonstrated by a 10-year-old boy who is the latest to “hack” the sophisticated technology.

How did he do it?

By simply looking like his mum.

Ammar Malik was able to break into his mum’s …

Face ID hasn't been hacked: What you need to know · 2017

Face ID, Apple's facial identity sensor for iPhone X, is new and that's both scary and ripe for exploitation. We saw it happen with Touch ID, from all the concern that manifested when Apple announced it alongside iPhone 5s to the sensationa…

Apple FaceID Hacked · 2017

It only took a week:

On Friday, Vietnamese security firm Bkav released a blog post and video showing that -- by all appearances -- they'd cracked FaceID with a composite mask of 3-D-printed plastic, silicone, makeup, and simple paper cutout…

How to fool Face ID on the iPhone X · 2017

A researcher in Vietnam has demonstrated how he apparently fooled Apple's face recognition ID software on its new iPhone X using a mask made with a 3D printer, silicone and paper tape.

An announcement on Friday by Bkav, a Vietnamese cyberse…

Apple Face ID 'Fooled Again' -- This Time By $200 Evil Twin Mask · 2017

The Vietnamese hackers who claimed earlier this month to have fooled Apple's Face ID with a mask costing less than $150 are back. But this time, their evidence is more compelling.

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This Security Firm Has Found Another Way to Fool Apple’s Face ID · 2017

iPhone X’s Face ID keeps getting tricked.

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Vietnamese hackers who previously said they could bypass Apple’s Face ID biometric phone security with a mask claim to have hacked the iPhone X again, this time with more evidence of their success.

According to news from Forbes, Vietnamese …

Face ID has been defeated again, and this time it was 'simple' · 2017

Breaking into a locked iPhone X shouldn't ever be described as simple, but according to a group of security researchers, that's exactly where we find ourselves.

The same Vietnamese team that managed to trick Face ID with an elaborately cons…


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