Incident 32: Identical Twins Can Open Apple FaceID Protected Devices

Description: Apple's iPhone FaceID can be opened by an identical twin of the person who has registered their face to unlock the phone.


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Alleged: Apple developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed People with Twins.

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Sean McGregor

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Apple's iPhone FaceID can be opened by an identical twin of the person who has registered their face to unlock the phone. In iPhone's FaceID technology a TrueDepth camera is used to read the contours of the user's face, and determine whether that face matches the benchmark of the owner's face. The Youtube channel LifeofTwinz displayed how two identical twins could unlock each other's phones by exploiting that system.

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Apple's iPhone FaceID can be opened by an identical twin of the person who has registered their face to unlock the phone.



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Other:Identical twins

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Harm to civil liberties, Other:Privacy

AI System Description

Apple iPhone's FaceID utilizes TrueDepth cameras to read the contours of a user's face and determine match/not match to the registered phone owner's face.

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Information and communication

Relevant AI functions

Perception, Cognition, Action

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facial recognition, TrueDepth

AI Applications

facial recognition



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Apple, TrueDepth, LifeofTwinz

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facial contour

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IPHONE users are complaining that Face ID has stopped working on their handsets, The Sun has learned.

The mysterious issue means that Apple's face unlock technology no longer recognises faces – forcing users to rely on passcodes instead.



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