Incident 17: Inappropriate Gmail Smart Reply Suggestions

Description: Google's Gmail Smart Reply tool was over-recommending the response "I love you" in situations where it was deemed innappropriate.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Gmail Users.

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Sean McGregor

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Google's Gmail Smart Reply tool suggests replies, each of about three to six words long, to emails received on its platform. According to Google's management director Alex Gawley, the machine learning-based system is able to produce about 20,000 discrete responses to emails by combining suggestions from two machine learning programs. The first reads the email and comprehends the content and the second suggests responses to that content all taking place on the long short-term memory neural network. Gmail users in 2015 provided feedback that the reply "I love you" was occurring too often, leading Google to change their algorithm.

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Google's Gmail Smart Reply tool was over-recommending the response "I love you" in situations where it was deemed innappropriate.



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Google's Gmail Smart Reply tool, a machine-learning system is able to produce approximately 20,000 discrete responses by combining suggestions from two machine- learning programs: the first reads and comprehends the content and the second recommends responses.

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Information and communication

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Perception, Cognition

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machine-learning, natural language processing, long short-term memory neural network

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content creation, smart reply, suggested reply, recommendation engine



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Google, Gmail, Gmail Smart Reply

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email text

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information and communication

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