Incidents Harmed By

Incident 6027 Reports
Russia using artificial intelligence in disinformation campaigns to erode Western support for Ukraine


The Russian government has been stepping up its foreign influence campaigns by using artificial intelligence and emerging technologies to spread disinformation and sow distrust in policies supportive of Ukraine. Part of the strategy includes carrying out influence laundering operations by disseminating their messages to the American public via allies inside nominally independent organizations, according to a recent declassified analysis. This incident is an evolving project.


Incident 6583 Reports
The Arizona Agenda Produced a Deepfake of Kari Lake Advocating for the Publication Without Her Consent


The Arizona Agenda produced a deepfake video of Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake giving a testimonial about the publication with the seeming intention of educating the general public about the dangers of deepfakes in the coming election cycle. However, the Arizona Agenda appears not to have sought Lake's consent, prompting a cease-and-desist letter from her campaign.


Incident 6282 Reports
Fake Biden Voice in Robocall Misleads New Hampshire Democratic Voters


A robocall imitating President Joe Biden's voice urged New Hampshire Democrats not to vote in the primary, misleadingly stating that their votes were more crucial in the November election. This incident undermines the democratic process.


Incident 6482 Reports
Alleged Deepfake Audio of Imran Khan Calls for Election Boycott, Misleading Pakistan Voters


A purported deepfake audio clip, falsely attributed to Imran Khan urging a PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) election boycott, circulated on social media on the eve of Pakistan's general elections. This sophisticated AI-generated misinformation aimed to mislead voters, highlighting the growing challenge of digital manipulation in political discourse.


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