Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 1035 Reports
Twitter’s Image Cropping Tool Allegedly Showed Gender and Racial Bias


Twitter's photo cropping algorithm was revealed by researchers to favor white and women faces in photos containing multiple faces, prompting the company to stop its use on mobile platform.


Incident 2684 Reports
Permanent Removal of Social Media Content via Automated Tools Allegedly Prevented Investigative Efforts


Automated permanent removal of violating social media content, such as terrorism, violent extremism, and hate speech, without archival has allegedly hindered the potential use of this content for investigating serious crimes and hampered efforts in criminal accountability.


Incident 2963 Reports
Twitter Recommender System Amplified Right-Leaning Tweets


Twitter’s “Home” timeline algorithm was revealed by its internal researchers to have amplified tweets and news of rightwing politicians and organizations more than leftwing ones in six out of seven studied countries.


Incident 1682 Reports
Collaborative Filtering Prone to Popularity Bias, Resulting in Overrepresentation of Popular Items in the Recommendation Outputs


Collaborative filtering prone to popularity bias, resulting in overrepresentation of popular items in the recommendation outputs.


Incidents Harmed By

Incident 2432 Reports
Bots Allegedly Made up Roughly Half of Twitter Accounts in Discussions Surrounding COVID-19 Related Issues


Bots by anonymous actors were found by researchers to make up roughly half of Twitter accounts participating in COVID-19 discussions, many of which posted tweets about “reopening America“.


Incident 4111 Report
Chinese Accounts Spammed Twitter Feed Allegedly to Obscure News of Protests


Twitter Feed was flooded by content from Chinese-language accounts which allegedly aimed to manipulate and reduce social media coverage about widespread protests against coronavirus restrictions in China.


Incidents involved as Deployer

Incident 6791 Report
A Deepfake of Senator Elizabeth Warren Circulated Saying Republicans Should Not Vote


In February 2023, a deepfake of Senator Elizabeth Warren circulated on social media in which doctored footage of her from an MSNBC interview had her claiming that she believes Republicans should not vote.


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