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Incident 26710 Reports
Clearview AI Algorithm Built on Photos Scraped from Social Media Profiles without Consent


Face-matching algorithm by Clearview AI was built using scraped images from social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook without user consent, violating social media site policies, and allegedly privacy regulations.


Incident 3246 Reports
GAN Faces Deployed by The BL's Fake Account Network to Push Pro-Trump Content on Meta Platforms


A large network of pages, groups, and fake accounts having GAN-generated face photos associated with The BL, a US-based media outlet, reportedly bypassed Facebook moderation systems to push "pro-Trump" narratives on its platform and Instagram.


Incident 1904 Reports
ByteDance Allegedly Trained "For You" Algorithm Using Content Scraped without Consent from Other Social Platforms


ByteDance allegedly scraped short-form videos, usernames, profile pictures, and descriptions of accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and other sources, and uploaded them without consent on Flipagram, TikTok’s predecessor, in order to improve its “For You” algorithm's performance on American users.


Incident 4693 Reports
Automated Adult Content Detection Tools Showed Bias against Women Bodies


Automated content moderation tools to detect sexual explicitness or "raciness" reportedly exhibited bias against women bodies, resulting in suppression of reach despite not breaking platform policies.


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