Clearview AI

Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 26710 Reports
Clearview AI Algorithm Built on Photos Scraped from Social Media Profiles without Consent


Face-matching algorithm by Clearview AI was built using scraped images from social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook without user consent, violating social media site policies, and allegedly privacy regulations.


Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 4406 Reports
Louisiana Police Wrongfully Arrested Black Man Using False Face Match


Louisiana police reportedly used a false facial recognition match and secured an arrest warrant for a Black man for thefts he did not commit.


Incident 4124 Reports
Finland Police's Facial Recognition Trial to Identify Sexual Abuse Victims Deemed Illegal


Finland's National Police Board was reprimanded for illegal processing of special categories of personal data in a facial recognition trial to identify potential victims of child sexual abuse.


Incident 5574 Reports
Miami Police Deployed Facial Recognition to Arrest George Floyd Protestor Allegedly without Cause


Miami Police's arrest report for a George Floyd protestor did not disclose use of facial recognition, which allegedly did not meet the legal threshold for probable cause for arrest.


Incident 5583 Reports
Activists Allege NYPD's Application of Facial Recognition Interfered with Right to Protest


Black Lives Matter activists alleged being targeted for arrest by New York Police using facial recognition, interfering with their right to protest.


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