Incident 440: Louisiana Police Wrongfully Arrested Black Man Using False Face Match

Description: Louisiana police reportedly used a false facial recognition match and secured an arrest warrant for a Black man for thefts he did not commit.


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Alleged: Morphotrak and Clearview AI developed an AI system deployed by Baton Rouge Police Department, which harmed Black people in Louisiana and Randall Reid.

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Khoa Lam
JPSO used facial recognition technology to arrest a man. The tech was wrong. · 2023

Technology has given police vast reach to compare the faces of criminal suspects against a trove of mug shots, driver’s licenses, and even selfies plucked from social media.

But a recent attempt by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to n…

Facial recognition tool led to mistaken arrest, lawyer says · 2023

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Louisiana authorities’ use of facial recognition technology led to the mistaken-identity arrest of a Georgia man on a fugitive warrant, an attorney said in a case that renews attention to racial disparities in the use of …

Facial Recognition Leads Louisiana Cops to Arrest of Innocent Man · 2023

A Georgia man was falsely arrested in November after Louisiana officers used a facial recognition tool to identify him as a fugitive, according to The Associated Press. Significant differences in facial features and weight led to the man be…

Innocent Black Man Jailed After Facial Recognition Went Wrong: Lawyer · 2023

Randall Reid says he’s never even been to Louisiana, much less stolen $10,000 worth of Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags there. That didn’t stop police from arresting the 28-year-old Georgia resident for the theft, committed in a New Orlean…

Black man wrongfully jailed for a week after face recognition error, report says · 2023

Police in Louisiana reportedly relied on an incorrect facial recognition match to secure warrants to arrest a Black man for thefts he did not commit.

Randal Reid, 28, was in jail for almost a week after the false match led to his arrest, ac…

Louisiana Cops Use Facial Recognition Tech To Arrest The Wrong Person For String Of Robberies · 2023

This is always going to be a thing with facial recognition. Hundreds of algorithms have been tested. Pretty much every single one does worse “recognizing” minorities than it does recognizing the predominant deployers of facial recognition t…


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