Incident 557: Miami Police Deployed Facial Recognition to Arrest George Floyd Protestor Allegedly without Cause

Description: Miami Police's arrest report for a George Floyd protestor did not disclose use of facial recognition, which allegedly did not meet the legal threshold for probable cause for arrest.


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Alleged: Clearview AI developed an AI system deployed by Miami Police Department, which harmed Oriana Albornoz and George Floyd protest participants.

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Khoa Lam, Sean McGregor
Miami Police Used Facial Recognition Technology in Protester's Arrest · 2020

Police body cameras and tower camera video show some of what happened on May 30 as protesters squared off with Miami officers forming a line outside of their Downtown headquarters.

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Biometric facial recognition ban considered in Pittsburgh and enacted in Jackson, Mississippi · 2020

A bill has been introduced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that would ban the “unrestricted” use of facial recognition by the city’s police, as well the use of predictive policing algorithms, Pittsburgh City Paper reports.

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Facial Recognition in Law Enforcement, Pt. 2 · 2021

One month before the New York Times published the story of Robert Williams, police officers killed George Floyd. We all remember the weeks that followed. The protests that broke out around the country garnered attention around the world. It…


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