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Incidents Harmed By

Incident 49911 Reports
Parody AI Images of Donald Trump Being Arrested Reposted as Misinformation


AI-generated photorealistic images depicting Donald Trump being detained by the police which were originally posted on Twitter as parody were unintentionally shared across social media platforms as factual news, lacking the intended context.


Incident 26710 Reports
Clearview AI Algorithm Built on Photos Scraped from Social Media Profiles without Consent


Face-matching algorithm by Clearview AI was built using scraped images from social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook without user consent, violating social media site policies, and allegedly privacy regulations.


Incident 4873 Reports
Deepfake Video Featured Fictitious News Anchors Discussing Venezuela's Economy


Video featuring fictitious news anchors was created using Synthesia to allegedly spread disinformation about Venezuela's economy on social media and Venezuelan state-run broadcast.


Incident 5613 Reports
OpenAI Alleged by Lawsuit Violated Users' Privacy Rights by Training AI on Private Info without Informed Consent


OpenAI's products such as ChatGPT and DALL-E were alleged in a lawsuit using stolen private information from internet users without their informed consent or knowledge.


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