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Incident 6027 Reports
Russia using artificial intelligence in disinformation campaigns to erode Western support for Ukraine


The Russian government has been stepping up its foreign influence campaigns by using artificial intelligence and emerging technologies to spread disinformation and sow distrust in policies supportive of Ukraine. Part of the strategy includes carrying out influence laundering operations by disseminating their messages to the American public via allies inside nominally independent organizations, according to a recent declassified analysis. This incident is an evolving project.


Incident 5853 Reports
Kremlin-linked entities allegedly using generative AI to spread Russian disinformation in Latin America


Moscow-based tech firms and an industry association with links to the Kremlin are allegedly using generative AI to spread Russian disinformation in countries throughout Central America and South America. According to the U.S. Department of State, the Russian companies rely on local writers to compose stories which are then amplified across social media using artificial intelligence chatbots.


Incident 6563 Reports
Alleged Deepfake Disinformation Broadcast by Russian State TV Blames Ukraine for Moscow Attack


Russian state media is reported to have broadcast deepfaked videos of Ukrainian officials, notably fabricating a video of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine admitting to orchestrating the Crocus City Hall terror attack in Moscow. The effort appears to be a bid to wrongly assign blame for the incident, which ISIS-K has officially claimed.


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