Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 6092 Reports
Flawed AI in Google Search Reportedly Misinforms about Geography


Google's search AI erroneously claimed no African country begins with 'K', along with various other geography-and-letter-based questions, misguiding users with a flawed featured snippet. Originating from ChatGPT-written posts and inaccurately scraped by Google, this incident highlights issues in AI-generated content and misinformation in search results, compromising Google's reliability as an information source.


Incident 6151 Report
Colorado Lawyer Filed a Motion Citing Hallucinated ChatGPT Cases


A Colorado Springs attorney, Zachariah Crabill, mistakenly used hallucinated ChatGPT-generated legal cases in court documents. The AI software provided false case citations, leading to the denial of a motion and legal repercussions for Crabill, highlighting risks in using AI for legal research.


Incident 5901 Report
Alleged ChatGPT-Generated Book with a Duplicate Title, Fake Author, and Similar Content Surfaces on Amazon Ahead of Real Author's Book Release


The author Chris Cowell had spent more than a year writing his book "Automating DevOps with GitLab CI/CD Pipelines" when, three weeks before its release, another book appeared bearing the exact title by an author (Marie Karpos) for whom no information could be found. The book appeared to have been written by ChatGPT. While the original Washington Post story does not say so, it is possible the name and description were taken from the Amazon preorder page.


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