Incident 590: Alleged ChatGPT-Generated Book with a Duplicate Title, Fake Author, and Similar Content Surfaces on Amazon Ahead of Real Author's Book Release

Description: The author Chris Cowell had spent more than a year writing his book "Automating DevOps with GitLab CI/CD Pipelines" when, three weeks before its release, another book appeared bearing the exact title by an author (Marie Karpos) for whom no information could be found. The book appeared to have been written by ChatGPT. While the original Washington Post story does not say so, it is possible the name and description were taken from the Amazon preorder page.


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Alleged: OpenAI and ChatGPT developed an AI system deployed by InKstall and Marie Karpos, which harmed Chris Cowell.

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Daniel Atherton
He wrote a book on a rare subject. Then a ChatGPT replica appeared on Amazon. · 2023

Chris Cowell, a Portland, Ore.-based software developer, spent more than a year writing a technical how-to book. Three weeks before it was released, another book on the same topic, with the same title, appeared on Amazon.

"My first thought …


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