Incident 515: Black Man Wrongfully Arrested by Louisiana Police Due to Face Mismatch

Description: A black man was wrongfully arrested by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office due to facial recognition system developed by Clearview AI, although facial recognition use was not disclosed in the documents used to arrest him.


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Alleged: Clearview AI developed an AI system deployed by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, which harmed Randal Quran Reid.

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Daniel Atherton

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‘Thousands of Dollars for Something I Didn’t Do’ · 2023

On the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving, Randal Quran Reid was driving his white Jeep to his mother’s home outside Atlanta when he was pulled over on a busy highway. A police officer approached his vehicle and asked for his driver’s lice…

United States: an African-American wrongly accused of theft because of an artificial intelligence · 2023

Arrested on November 25, while driving in the suburbs of Atlanta (Georgia), Randal Reid probably did not anticipate the turn this case was going to take. And for good reason, this 29-year-old African American was arrested and then provision…


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