Incident 331: Bug in Instagram’s “Related Hashtags” Algorithm Allegedly Caused Disproportionate Treatment of Political Hashtags

Description: A bug was reported by Instagram’s spokesperson to have prevented an algorithm from populating related hashtags for thousands of hashtags, resulting in an allege preferential treatment for some politically partisan hashtags.


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Alleged: Instagram developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Instagram users.

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Khoa Lam
A “Bug” In Instagram's Hashtags Has Been Favoring Donald Trump · 2020

The difference between these two results, which an Instagram spokesperson told BuzzFeed News was a “bug,” prevented hashtags including #Trump and #MAGA from being associated with potentially negative content. Meanwhile, Instagram hashtags a…

Instagram’s Hashtag Blocking Favors Trump, Hurts Biden · 2020

Facebook-owned Instagram disabled ‘related hashtags’ for key Trump content, blocking potentially negative messages. Biden didn’t get the same treatment.

Instagram has shielded President Donald Trump from potentially negative hashtags while …


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