Incident 296: Twitter Recommender System Amplified Right-Leaning Tweets

Description: Twitter’s “Home” timeline algorithm was revealed by its internal researchers to have amplified tweets and news of rightwing politicians and organizations more than leftwing ones in six out of seven studied countries.


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Khoa Lam
Twitter’s algorithm does not seem to silence conservatives · 2020

SINCE LAUNCHING a policy on “misleading information” in May, Twitter has clashed with President Donald Trump. When he described mail-in ballots as “substantially fraudulent”, the platform told users to “get the facts” and linked to articles…

Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets · 2021

Twitter has admitted it amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources.

The social media platform examined tweets from elected officials in seven countries – the UK, US, Canada, France, …

Algorithmic amplification of politics on Twitter · 2021


The role of social media in political discourse has been the topic of intense scholarly and public debate. Politicians and commentators from all sides allege that Twitter’s algorithms amplify their opponents’ voices, or silence…


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