Taylor Swift

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Incident 62630 Reports
Social Media Scammers Used Deepfakes of Taylor Swift and Several Other Celebrities in Fraudulent Le Creuset Cookware Giveaways


Scammers reportedly made deepfakes of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Joanna Gaines, Lainey Wilson, Ree Drummond, Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Trisha Yearwood, Martha Stewart, and Blake Shelton promoting a Le Creuset giveaway. These AI-generated ads, appearing on Meta and TikTok, falsely claimed users could receive free cookware by paying a small shipping fee. Victims were unknowingly enrolled in a costly monthly subscription.


Incident 63230 Reports
Significant Increase in Deepfake Nudes of Taylor Swift Circulating on Social Media


AI-generated sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift circulated on X, garnering over 45 million views before removal. Originating from a Telegram group, these deepfakes challenge content moderation, as X's policies against synthetic media and nonconsensual nudity were violated.


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